We’ve got advanced heating systems in our homes and cars… now we’ve got them in our clothes. Meet the Quanta Vici, a collection of smart winter-wear that actually heats up to the exact temperature you choose!

Created by designers and engineers who’ve worked across companies like Ralph Lauren, BMW, and Adidas, Quanta Vici’s collection of smart heated clothes (which previously comprised gloves and socks) is now expanding to also include slim vests and jackets made from the company’s signature smart-fabric. The smart fabric used in the apparel is deceptively thin and breathable too, yet the smart yarn comes with the ability to warm up to a temperature of your choice, helping you stay toasty even when you’re out in the snow. To top it all off, Quanta Vici’s collection now also comes in vegan leather and recycled, vegan-friendly materials, making the apparel line both smart and 100% cruelty-free.

Designer: Adrien Beyk of Quanta Vici

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Warm winter clothes are merely designed to capture and trap body heat… not generate heat. Quanta Vici’s smart thermal-wear, on the other hand, has the ability to warm you up to a toasty 130°F, with an app that lets you adjust the temperature to your liking. Much like a thermostat helps you adjust the temperature of your home or car’s interiors, Quanta Vici gives you the same feature right within your clothes. With a range spanning touchscreen-friendly gloves, a full-body jacket, and a sleeveless jacket/vest, Quanta Vici’s smart thermal clothes are app-controlled and give you the ability to not just regulate the temperature but also select specific zones to heat up. The clothes come with detachable battery packs that have a battery life of over two days, and fast-charge via USB-C.

This unique smart heating feature sets the Quanta Vici apart from regular winter-wear. While the traditional way of ‘warming up’ was to just wear more layers, Quanta Vici’s clothes let you just select a temperature of your choice from an app, and the clothes do the rest. Their gloves are made from vegan leather with touchscreen-friendly tips, and are designed with a slim, removable battery that fits right into the wrist, powering the smart-clothes. The company’s now even added jackets to the mix, in both sleeved and sleeveless options.

The sleeveless Smart Vest comes in masculine and feminine styles with an abundance of pockets, is designed to be entirely weather and waterproof, has a gold-insulated inner lining, and gives you the choice of heating the front and/or the back of your torso. The full-sleeve jacket also sports masculine and feminine styles, with a recycled polyester outer fabric. The jacket features 6 hidden travel-ready pockets, and has the same heat-zone selection ability as its sleeveless counterpart. Both the sleeveless and sleeved jackets are made from recycled polyester, and can be washed once you remove the battery pack.

A signature quality of Quanta Vici’s new range is its incorporation of sustainability into smart fashion. The jackets and gloves both now use vegan-friendly outer materials that look and feel luxurious, and are then followed by an inner down-comparable PrimaLoft fiber layer made from post-consumer recycled polyester plastic, designed to trap heat naturally. The material used in Quanta Vici’s zippers are recycled too, and the garments are all designed in a way that makes them easy to upcycle after their life is over.

Quanta Vici’s latest line, which is exclusively limited to Kickstarter for now, starts off at $149 with a base range, which features the app-based heating capabilities, but also includes a ‘smart’ range starting at $179, which includes a built-in thermostat that regulates the heating to maintain the temperature you set on the app. The smart-apparel lets you choose between 4 sizes and ships with a 1-year guarantee.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $410 (54% off). Hurry, only 2/32 left!

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