Sometimes, when people come together to do good, the results can still end up being bad. Like, really bad. Homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, are a prime example of this. An HOA is supposed to look after the best interests of its homeowners, but sometimes, they can be an absolute nightmare to deal with, dragging people down with biased bylaws and petty problems. Read on for some blood-boiling HOA horror stories where people’s lives were ruined forever.

1. Not Amped For The Ramp

I usually like living in HOAs and the ones I’ve lived in have been decent, but my parents’ HOA, on the other hand, is insane. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer and began his chemo, he became too weak to walk. My parents installed a ramp at the front door so he could get his wheelchair into the house. That’s when their neighbor, the HOA president, absolutely lost it.

She demanded doctor’s notes and appointment slips, and she even tried to prove to the neighborhood that my dad could walk and was lying. My dad was too weak to do anything and my mom is too passive to deal with that kind of confrontation, so I had to step in. I threatened to lawyer up and sue her personally. She eventually backed down. My dad then passed in April of that year.

A week later, she came banging at our door saying she saw the funeral home come and pick my dad up and that we needed to take the ramp down“since he’s finally dead” (her exact words). At that point, I called law enforcement right in front of her to report her for stalking and harassment. I moved in with my mom and now every time this woman sees me, she runs back into her house.


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