As a society, we are steadily leaning further and further into the world of sustainable traveling.  Especially following the years spent in quarantine, each and every one of us are itching to get back to nature. In addition to travelers, designers are getting on board too and coming up with sustainable travel solutions. As part of their commitment to environmental design, CE-ST, a young design studio, created Time Holiday Mobile Home, an A’Design Award-winning modular mobile home the size of a shipping container that can be transported to any terrain.

Whether our sustainability commitment means more camping trips and less flying, or packing up the house into an electric RV camper and living off the grid for a while, people are finding unique ways to travel with respect for the environment. Outfitted with solar panels, naturally ventilated windows, and built with recycled tiles, Time Holiday Mobile Home was designed to leave a reduced ecological footprint when traveling. Without the need for a foundation, Time Holiday can be stationed anywhere across the globe, atop varying terrains and topographies. Time Holiday’s flexibility for traveling allows for multiple pods to be stationed in one location, forming a sort of cluster or system of campers.

Built on a modular scheme, Time Holiday’s fiberglass roof, the modular pod’s exterior frame, is prefabricated in the studio’s factory before being transported to the campsite to be assembled there. Through a drawer, or pull-out method, the interior space of Time Holiday campers can be expanded or reduced, nearly doubling or halving the pod’s size. Inside Time Holiday, campers enjoy unobstructed, 360° views of the outdoors through the camper’s full-frame floor-to-ceiling double-layer laminated, insulating glass windows. Highlighted during the camper’s construction process and overall sustainability, bringing guests closer to nature was a top priority when designing Time Holiday.

Designer: CE-ST

Time Holiday’s exterior frame is constructed from a single piece of curved fiberglass in a factory to later attach to the pod onsite.

Due to Time Holiday’s flexibility with traveling, clusters of Time Holiday campers can be situated in one location.

Whether you see yourself catching early morning waves or sunsets over the pines, Time Holiday can take you there.

Inside, through a pull-out, drawer method, an extension can be added to Time Holiday to increase the interior space.


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