With the world going online and money being easily transferrable, scams are increasing at a huge rate. Some scammers plan their every move carefully to trick people but not all scammers. Some people don’t even want to put their best efforts into scamming.

Just take a look at the subreddit r/Scams and you’ll find all sorts of screenshots of lousy, weird, and unprepared scammers trying to fool people. Scroll below to see some pathetic attempts by not-so-bright scammers.

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#1 Destiny’s Child Tour Money

Image source: jrpgamer

#2 Whatsapp Scam, I Don’t Know Why They Didn’t Respond?

Image source: aloofwatermelon

#3 Deflecting With Why Tho

Image source: Ghostly_Writer28700

#4 Got A Message From A Scammer, Decided To Play With Em A Little

Image source: W0lfhatK1d

#5 Sounds Tempting

Image source: Swaghetti-Yolonaise-

#6 These Scams Are Getting Complex

Image source: dredgehayt

#7 Meatball

Image source: [deleted]

#8 Just A Heads Up Y’all!

Image source: jfahmy

#9 I’ve Seen Some Authentic Looking Phishing Emails Before. This Isn’t One Of Them

Image source: DocileManatee

#10 Scam Text Message. Tricking Them With Cat Facts!

Image source: dravack

#11 At Least He Had A Sense Of Humor

Image source: hugesnailcock

#12 I Just Caught This In The Wild

Image source: bPhrea

#13 No Way

Image source: CButler19

#14 At Least Theyre Honest

Image source: EudeDev

#15 Almost Caught Me Off Guard This One

Image source: MolochHunter

#16 Reminder To Be Careful Of Scams! This Was Well Done

Image source: JWalterZilly

#17 I Can Tell He’s “Seriously”

Image source: Stoneman1979

#18 So.. Nigerian Princess??

Image source: Cunillingus_Giver

#19 I Used To Live In Los Angeles. I’ve Never Owned A House. I Get These Texts All The Time! I Have No Idea How This Scam Even Works Or What The End Game Is. But I’ve Started Replying In Ways That Make Me Giggle

Image source:  sniperwolfjob

#20 Why Bother Making A Bot To Message This?

Image source: Ok_Table7457

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