Get your body ready for a non-permanent tattoo experience! TTSWTRS – which stands for TATTOOSWEATERS – is the collaborative Ukraine-based label merging art and clothing by using the world of tattoo artistry across its undeniably eccentric designs. Working with global emerging and established tattoo artists and photographers, the brand transfers their unique artistic designs onto wearable clothing, the result being an optical illusion that gives the impression of a naked body covered in the coolest tattoos you could imagine. Adding yet another cool factor to this uniquely collaborative project, TTSWTRS only uses tattoos that already exist on someone else’s body, inked by artists across the world.

Stylist, fashion editor and costume designer Anna Osmiekhina founded the label in 2013 after encountering a friend with unique energy and covered in head-to-toe ink. TTSWTRS’s art-covered bodysuits, knitwear, tops and jackets have been spotted on famous bodies far and wide including the likes of Grimes, Nicki Minaj and Winne Harlow. Its latest collection dubbed “Water Series – a tribute to the water” is inspired by water’s ability to transform energy, people, music and even text. Created in collaboration with acclaimed Japanese tattoo artist Nisacco and Ukrainian tattoo artist Nikita Khomiakov, the collection consists of 43 pieces covered in neutral tones with splashes of water hues, respecting the unique colours of natural water. Puffer jackets and shiny patent leather overalls, accompanied by silk robes and dresses encapsulate the collection, featuring exaggerated cuts with oil drip prints and the inscription “Your strike for climate”.

“This collection is my manifest to water, I love and sincerely admire it. I think that we treat water without due respect and admiration and on many other planets, water does not exist at all. [With this collection], I wanted to convey my admiration for its colour, character and status,” mentions the designer.

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