Upcycling Artist Turns Broken Glass Bottles Into Dazzling “Gemstone” Rings

Diamonds and other gemstones might be beautiful, but the mining industry is harmful to the environment. Additionally, around 25% of diamonds sold today are “blood diamonds,” meaning they are sourced from slavery and conflict. However, one artist in China is creating an alternative product that allows you to wear some sparkle, guilt-free. They’re creating colorful gemstones from broken glass bottles.

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this is definitely the case for these DIY gems. The artist transforms shards of broken glass into imitation sapphires and emeralds that look just like the real deal. The talented jeweler uses a rotary tool to reshape and polish the shattered glass, before setting the sparkling gemstone into a metal band. The finished glass rings sparkle just as bright as a real gemstone would to the naked eye.

While there are still people who prefer real gemstones, others online are championing the alternative, upcycled material. One Redditor even shared an entire list as to why they would choose the glass bottle gemstone over any other. They wrote, “It’s pretty, it sparkles, no one had to die to make that, no one had to slave over it, either, [and] no one had to go into debt for it.” They add, “Also, if someone made rings and earrings out of recycled glass bottles and sea glass, I’d buy that sh*t, in every color. All the colors.”

Check out how the artist makes gemstones from glass bottles below.

This artist turns broken glass bottles into colorful, sparkling gemstones.

The glass gemstones look just like real sapphires and emeralds!

h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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READ: Upcycling Artist Turns Broken Glass Bottles Into Dazzling “Gemstone” Rings


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