Valentino strives to support UNICEF’s VaccineAid campaign against the spread of Covid-19 by launching a limited edition hoodie that reads “vaccinated” alongside the Valentino logo. Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, recently went viral on social media after posting a photograph of himselfwearing a bootleg Valentino pro-vaccine hoodie.

The said hoodie came from LA-based brand Cloney, known for creating provocative pieces for those who want to make a statement. Piccioli initially purchased all the hoodies from the brand and gifted them to his closest friends, including Lady Gaga. Later, captivated by the design and by its success, Piccioli decided to produce the same (V) logo “vaccinated” hoodie and to donate all the net profits to a charity program. The gains from the sale will, in fact, be destined donated UNICEF.

“Unfortunately, not all countries have equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. With this collaboration, Valentino supports UNICEF in the delivery efforts of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines.” explains Valentino’s creative director. UNICEF’s contribution is of pivotal importance to end the pandemic, as the organisation is planning to deliver two billion Covid vaccine doses by the end of 2021.  “Getting vaccinated has become the most effective way to fight this global pandemic” says Piccioli, “as well as a symbol of respect for others and social responsibility. One cannot hide behind the concept of freedom by deciding not to get vaccinated. Freedom must always be protected, and we must all fight for freedom but respecting others[…]”. Make a statement and join the efforts by purchasing your own hoodie here.

Photography courtesy of Valentino.

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