Watch a Thirsty Squirrel Drink From an Ice Cube During Portland Heatwave

An extreme heat wave across the Pacific Northwest has caused record-breaking temperatures of over 100°F (37°C). People are trying to cope the best ways they can, whether by staying cool indoors or soaking in pools. However, local wildlife (especially animals with fur coats) are struggling to beat the heat. That’s why Joe Rojas-Burke, a science writer for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in Portland, has been trying to help. He recently offered a thirsty squirrel an ice cube so that it could have a cold drink.

Rojas-Burke set the ice cube on his fence and stood back to allow the squirrel to approach it. He posted a video of the moment on Twitter, revealing how much the adorable creature is enjoying the cold drink. The squirrel is clearly grateful for the ice cube, and it’s so occupied with licking it, that it doesn’t even seem to mind Rojas-Burke filming.

Rojas-Burke also refilled his birdbath with water twice a day so that his neighborhood birds and bees could stay hydrated. As for his pet rabbit, it’s staying safe inside, chilling beside a blowing fan.

If it’s also hot where you live, you can help local wildlife by leaving bowls of fresh, clean water out in shady locations. Make sure to leave the container where animals are protected from predators, such as near a bush or shrub.

Watch a squirrel enjoy an ice cube during the record-breaking heatwave in Portland.

It’s also important to leave out water for bees and other wildlife.

Joe Rojas-Burke: Website | Twitter
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via Joe Rojas-Burke.

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READ: Watch a Thirsty Squirrel Drink From an Ice Cube During Portland Heatwave


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