Design: Packadore Collective
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Laundry detergent
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Embossing

SGK Anthem, Vrijdag Premium Printing, Generous Minds, Neurensics, Kurz, Merck and Haval have joined forces under the name ‘Packadore Collective’ to design and implement both desirable and sustainable packaging solutions. Their ‘White is the new green’ design innovation explores how reducing materials can provide an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution.

Traditionally, all laundry detergent brands were sold in large carton boxes and while such formats are still widely in use, consumer preference has lent towards gels and pods in recent years, thus increasing the volume of plastic packaging used — whether virgin or recycled.

Carton is a highly renewable material with a relatively low eco-cost; it can be recycled 7-8 times before it loses its integrity and therefore its value. Brands of course need a canvas in which to distinguish themselves and communicate with their consumers on pack, but the use of ink printed on carton and paper material significantly reduces its sustainable benefits.

‘White is the new green’ conceptual packaging design innovation imagines an ink free carton packaging format, using embossing to maintain brand communication and to amplify the brands sustainable credentials. During manufacturing, die cutting and embossing happen as part of the same process and so no additional step or change to the line set-up is required.

In addition, this ‘cleaner’ packaging design and use of white itself becomes a strong communication cue in terms of supporting the product’s proposition, a cleaner pack for cleaner laundry — simplifying the design to help amplify the impact. By removing the need for ink, we can enhance the consumer packaging experience and help brands to navigate the circular economy maze.

If orange is the new black, white is the new green.

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