Unika Vaev presents another way to dampen sound and brighten the look of any room: Air-X, designed by Stefan Borselius, is a polyester felt module fashioned in the shape of the third-to-last letter of the alphabet.

Unika Vaev Air-X in black and white in living room

It’s no accident that Air-X pertains to language. Unika Vaev says that its versatile form “enters a world of symbols, typography, and letters.”

Unika Vaev Air-X in white wiht chair in foreground

The modules suspend from the ceiling or mount to the wall via brackets or a rail system—with lengths of 59″, 78.75″ or 118”.

Unika Vaev Air-X in black and white in living room

Air-X easily connects together with a simple hook that remains out of view, joining either at the corners or at the sides for a variety of different configurations.

Unika Vaev Air-X in pink and white

There are 80 different colors. And Air X is made of recycled material that is rapidly renewable/re-usable. Find out more at Unika Vaev.

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