Design: uniqorn
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Hookah tobacco
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Screen printing

Zapp hookah tobacco brand development and packaging design.

The market of hookah tobacco in Russia and the CIS countries is continuously expanding. This business includes both large companies and small artisans-enthusiasts, and the growing audience of consumers includes urban youth, office workers, successful businessmen, up to housewives. The growing market and the appetites of customers require the development and introduction of new and improving traditional tastes, conducting bold experiments and, of course, developing a design of high quality for the hookah tobacco brands.

The market of hookah tobacco shows a steady growth with a decrease in the level of use of traditional tobacco products – cigarettes. Cigars also did not receive mass distribution, remaining in the premium niche and are considered more as an exquisite gift than as a product for their own consumption. Indirect competition consists of smokeless electronic tobacco heating systems, but only indirect, since they imply daily consumption. Hookahs are an element of recreation for a limited audience.

The market of hookah tobacco is regularly updated with new brands of varying degrees of quality, strength and composition. In terms of tastes, there is a history similar to the craft beer market. Product lovers develop their own brands and experiment with passion. There are regular exhibitions and even video blogs dedicated exclusively to hookah tobacco. The target audience of this product is a kind of community.

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