Zazie Beetz surrounded by Sesame Street puppets.

Actress Zazie Beetz (of Atlanta fame) made a special appearance on Sesame Street, as a part of its ongoing “Word of the Day” initiative. Beetz explained the meaning of the word “respect”, applying it to nature, others, and oneself.

“Our words, actions and feelings are all ways we can show respect,” she teaches.

Using the power of language and sourcing deeper meaning behind everyday words, the segment hopes to shed light on children’s sense of self and the world around them. The list of guests is impressive: Amanda Gorman, First Lady Jill Biden, and Gabrielle Union, amongst others.

The series is a part of the broader Coming Together initiative, directed at racial justice and helping families discuss race, ethnicity, and culture at home.

The Sesame Street kids unpacked respect with Beetz as they cleaned the garden around them, emphasizing the power of treating surroundings and people the way you’d want to be treated. And that’s a timeless lesson if there ever was one.

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