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Bit by bit, we’re helping you build your fall/winter wardrobe. We’ve journeyed through the ranks of coats, jackets, sneakers, extreme-weather footwear, boots, and just about anything else you might be putting on this season. There are only a few items left to tick off the list. That said, one of them might be the most important: gloves.

The best gloves will keep you warm without cramping your style, in fact, they should even add something to your fits. Highsnobiety’s market editors have hit the pages of Slam Jam in search of the best gloves for all budgets which cater to style and substance. Below are 10 of the finest mitts that the net has to offer.

NEIGHBORHOOD. has made a name for itself by making super high-quality black garments. This pair of gloves is no different: hailing from the label’s “Specimen Research Laboratory”, they feature technical details like a polyurethane coating to keep you dry and warm.

ERL’s homemade aesthetic is perfectly suited to gloves. That said, if your grandma were making gloves of this standard, you’d be one very lucky customer.

Patagonia has been in the news recently after founder Yvon Chouinard gave away the company. Sure, this deserves headlines, but let’s not forget that the clothes are top-quality, too.

Trust Stone Island to weave metal fibers into your nylon gloves. About as technical as they come, this sleek pair is in keeping with the futuristic, experimental direction of the Italian cult label.

If you’re looking for serious warmth, then you have to be wearing mittens. By keeping your fingers in the same compartment, they conserve even more warmth. The Bounce Mittens are another reason to take Off-White™’s ski offering seriously.

Conspiracy theorists hate these gloves. Anyone who wants warm, stylish hands loves them. We’re in the second group.

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to wearing gloves in 2022 is that you can’t use your touch-screen phone while wearing them. Unless you’re wearing The North Face’s E-Tip gloves, that is.

Made using 100 percent regenerated yarns, each pair of Vitelli’s Doomboh gloves is unique, with alterations in coloring and details. One thing that’s consistent, though, is that these are a standout pair that balances style and function.

Moncler is so sure of its technical prowess that it doesn’t need any major detailing or bold colors to attract attention here. Anyone wearing the gloves will know that they’ve made the right choice.

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