illustrated twitter bird and screenshot of tweet about nancy pelosi having a good week

Somehow, someway, the vote for House Speaker kept becoming more and more of a debacle this week.

We wrote about it after six failed votes for Republican nominee Kevin McCarthy, and yet that proved to be nowhere near the end of the road. A bloc of rightwing — further rightwing, that is — representatives were steadfast in their push to deny McCarthy the Speaker role in the House. Come Friday afternoon, when this story was written, there had been a total of 13 ballots, and McCarthy still hadn’t crossed the 218-vote threshold for victory. It promised to be a late night for the GOP and was still unclear if the barrier would ever be broken.

The GOP holds a slim majority in the House, but they couldn’t seem to get on the same page for the Speaker vote. McCarthy, in an effort to win himself the role, has given away serious concessions to the most rightwing members of the party. What is usually a formality has become some mix of debacle, food fight, and hilarious farce.

Needless to say, the jokes and memes online about the whole thing have been great. We’ve collected 11 of our favorites that proved to be the absolute best of the very strange week in Congress.

1.The complicated playoff scenarios in the NFL really is kind of similar.

2. Pelosi must really be living out there.

3. Not the worst suggestion, to be honest.

4. The consequences are very real but the pettiness is the same.

5. This will be a fantastic Jeopardy! question for SURE.

6. Sisyphus really has nothing on Kevin McCarthy.

7. What a look from AOC. Just perfect.

8. There were even K-pop jokes.

9. I would pay good money to watch members of Congress attempt penalty kicks.

10. Duolingo jumped in on it.

11. And finally, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar with a Goodfellas joke. To be clear, Pesci’s character is about to be whacked in this image, just after thinking his life was set forever.


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