We all wish and pray for a beautiful and healthy kid in our life. A  kid is a special human being to us and therefore we should ensure that our kid’s bedroom designs are also that much special. Kids are very adorable and precious gift to the mankind from God and it is exactly for the same reason that to make them feel special we should always go for the best things; especially their bedroom because it is their own private space. While decorating your kid’s bedroom aspects like bedding, wall color, decor and other should be considered first. Check out our latest collection of 20 Colorful Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and get inspired to bring a beautiful smile on your kid’s face.

The kid’s bedroom design should inspire creativity and should be fun filled where the kid can spend most of his time playing games and other activities. Kid’s rooms can be designed based on many themes and ideas which can make the room look attractive and colorful based on the interest of your kid. Choice of the wall paint color also plays a major role in the decoration of your kid’s room. To make the atmosphere lively and cozy, you can use bright and interesting colors in your kid’s bedroom. Check out our gallery and get inspired.

Colorful Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Asian Colorful Kids Bedroom

The small but spacious Asian kids bedroom design looks amazing with a small wooden bed and red sofa. This shimmery white color matched with a wall decoration reflects charming and balanced energy.

Beach Style Colorful Kids Bedroom

Beach Style Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: structures.net

This Beach style kids’ bedroom idea for the cute and beautiful girls in Charleston with white walls and light hardwood floors sets a wonderful example of decorating the kid’s bedroom to impress them.

Colorful Boys Bedroom

Colorful Boys Bedroom

Source: hgtv.com

Blue is considered to be the color of typical boy’s bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. One can also choose neutral colors such as beige and light green or even bright shades of red and orange can be used to create a space for your kid.

Contemporary Colorful Kids Bedroom

This unique contemporary colorful kids bedroom with a puzzle design make a note of this rectangular format of the bedroom and the cute staircase.

Craftsman Colorful Kids Bedroom

We love this craftsman kids bedroom design with a soft bed and pink headboard perfect for little girl.

Eclectic Colorful Kids Bedroom

Eclectic Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: rikkisnyder.com

Eclectic kids’ room photo for charming girls in Boston with medium tone hardwood floors and bright multicolored walls. The swing in the bedroom is an attraction for fun.

Farmhouse Colorful Kids Bedroom

Country kids’ bedroom design for girls with bright multicolored walls. The striped carpet and designer wall will lighten up the room and provide it with vibrant and cheerful energy.

Industrial Colorful Kids Bedroom

Industrial Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: elenacerizza.it

Check out this small industrial kids’ bedroom model for girls with white walls, medium tone hardwood brown floors for a wonderful inspiration.

Mediterranean Colorful Kids Bedroom

This beautiful Mediterranean design with white walls, carpet and a choice of beautiful white linen with the combination of the orange sheet.

Midcentury Colorful Kids Bedroom

This Midcentury neutral kids bedroom design with multicolored walls and light hardwood floors. The tall ceiling with wooden rooftop keeps this room cool and calm.

Modern Colorful Kids Bedroom

Modern design is everyone’s choice, here we have a beautiful small dark wooden bed with interior includes small chairs and wall painting.

Rustic Colorful Kids Bedroom

Rustic Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: kurtkuball.com

Rustic kids’ room idea with a choice of light purple and white color combination. It is providing a lot of energy with the use of bright and vibrant colors.

Scandinavian Colorful Kids Bedroom

Mid-sized Scandinavian neutral kids’ bedroom idea with white walls and dark purple bed linen for a beautiful inspiration to impress your kids and make the room look fun filled and well organized.

Shabby-Chic Style Colorful Kids Bedroom

Tall ventilated ceiling with an amazing all white interior and shabby chic furniture provide a unique look and ambiance to this bedroom.

Southwestern Colorful Kids Bedroom

Southwestern Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: dwarf-hus.jp

This beautiful southwestern kid’s bedroom includes a polka dot black and white carpet with a small laundry bag to store different things. The color combination of walls gives it a cool and relaxing vibe.

Traditional Colorful Kids Bedroom

Traditional Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: babybox.com

Luxurious traditional kids bedroom with dual bed best option for your little girls. The pink color generates positive and calm vibes.

Transitional Colorful Kids Bedroom

Transitional Colorful Kids Bedroom

Source: riazcapital.com

Check out this beautiful inspiration for a transitional kids’ room remodel for girls. This color combination associated with light things and the sunshine, so it will be a great paint idea for your kid’s bedroom to create positive vibes everywhere.

Tropical Colorful Kids Bedroom

Check out this beautiful bedroom model for a tropical teen room for girls in Los Angeles with blue walls and carpet. The beach styled room, with the painting, the wall color, and the carpet.

Unique Colorful Kids Bedroom

Lots of different colors used in this kids bedroom brings the room a bright and energetic appearence.

Victorian Colorful Kids Bedroom

This beautiful Victorian style kids bedroom with a tufted headboard and colorful curtains generating pure and clean energy. Light blue wall color is a great color for a girl’s bedroom, since girls adore this color.

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