Dwelling Decor’s list of “20 Wonderful Window Seat Designs” will help you find the perfect nook where you can relax, read, drink a cup of tea or watch the kids play in the garden.

Window seating is growing in popularity in the interior design industry. Whether it’s for a new home or a renovation, one of the latest trends is to add exterior wall cutouts with bench seats under the windows. And you can very well place them anywhere, be it the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, kitchen or the attic. Doing so allows natural light to enter the room while increasing the square footage of living space in you home.

Take a look at these “20 Wonderful Window Seat Designs” and let us know which style you liked the best and where you would accommodate one.

Window Seat Designs

Bay Windows Seats

Bay Windows Seats Dwellingdecor
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A bay window seating lets you create a cozy space where you can spend some quality time gazing at the scenery outside while reading a book or a magazine.

Bedroom Built in Window Seats

Bedroom Built in Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: wesley-wayne.com

A built-in window seat is something that you can find in bedrooms. It lets you have a relaxing time, out of bed, while maybe sipping on your coffee or grabbing a bite in the comfort of your bedroom. All of this while being able to look outside.

Built In Window Seat With Filing Cabinets

Built In Window Seat With Filing Cabinets Dwellingdecor
Source: jenniferpaccainteriors.com

The location of choice here is the study or the office. The built in window seat also has filing cabinets below which would let you store computer equipment, filing cabinets and other miscellaneous items. A predominantly blue themed color palette was used to create this serene, modern space.

Built-in Window Seat

Built-in Window Seat Dwellingdecor
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Soft colors, a Lucite table and an oversized mirror create an open, airy living space which is perfectly complimented by a built-in window seat. While the window seat gives you the perfect spot for reading a book, the clear Lucite table gives the illusion of accessories floating in the air.

Classic Master Bedroom Built In Window Seats

Classic Master Bedroom Built In Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: degrawanddehaan.com

This large classic master medium tone wood floor bedroom design has gray walls and a standard fireplace. The extended large window seat ensures there is space for the the whole family to sit down and watch it snowing outside or maybe get in a perfect family picture clicked.

Contemporary Entryway Window Seats

Contemporary Entryway Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: builtphoto.com

Contemporary. This window seat is located near the entrance of the house and it also comes with shelf space below providing ample storage space. It also lets you enjoy a full view of the outside without actually having to step out.

Contemporary Living Room Window Seats

Contemporary Living Room Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: foliodesignllp.com

The setup in this living room is a perfect example of using window seats as an extension for seating people in the living room. The extra seating space comes in handy when you’ve got a huge gathering or say, when you want to give the kids space to play while being able to watch over them.

Cozy Window Seats

Cozy Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: hgtv.com

This ocean inspired, light, serene living room has window seat cushions drawn from hues of the ocean, and coastal accessories that complete the beach look.

Entryway Window Seats

Entryway Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: briahammelinteriors.com

Another fine example of a modern entryway window seat. The traditional dark wood floor entryway idea with white walls and a glass front door is well accessorized by the dark wooden seats and the round window above.

Exterior Built-In Window Seats

Exterior Built-In Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: amitgosher.co.il

Here is something that you don’t see everyday. Each window of the house has a simple bench-like seat and all of them have been coated in a thin fiber cement, to keep with the overall modern aesthetic of the house.

Rustic Modern Window Seat

Rustic Modern Window Seat Dwellingdecor
Source: sagemodern.com

This rustic themed window seat has a color palette that flows seamlessly with the dull colors of the industrial walls and stone block below. An added tree trunk stub stool provides a place where you can rest your coffee mug.

Second Floor Foyer Window Seats

Second Floor Foyer Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: traditionalhome.com

This window seat most certainly provides a comfortable seating, all thanks to the long cushion and decorative pillows covered in colorful fabrics. Recessed lighting on top offers much-needed illumination after dark and the twin flanking columns of framed black-and-white family photos really give the area its heart.

Traditional Kids Bedroom Window Seats

Traditional Kids Bedroom Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: kuohphotography.com

How cute is this dark wood floored kids’ bedroom with pink walls and window seats. A suspended teepee with a beanbag inside it provides the perfect place for your child to sit and read or nap.

Traditional Kitchen Window Seats Attached With Dining Table

Traditional Kitchen Window Seats Attached With Dining Table Dwellingdecor
Source: pickellarchitecture.com

Here you can see a traditional kitchen window seating design. Here the seats provide a nice dining table seating around the windows with the table.

Traditional Small Corner Window Seats

Traditional Small Corner Window Seats Dwellingdecor
Source: traditionalhome.com

This window seat takes up very less space between an opulent wardrobe and an attached stack of built-in drawers. The cushion keeps you comfortable while you slip on your shoes and it comes with discrete beneath-the-bench storage.

Transitional Breakfast Nook

Transitional Breakfast Nook Dwellingdecor
Source: weidmannremodeling.com

This amazing nook design takes the window seat and turns it into a modern dining setup. The blues of the cushion flows well with the dark wood floor and the white walls.

Upholstered Window Seat

Upholstered Window Seat Dwellingdecor
Source: genesis-ctb.com

This modern contemporary window seat is long and plush with two striped cushions. The double cushions are easier to maintain and clean than a single cushion. The large double windows open outwards letting you jump out into the sun whenever you feel like it.

Window Seat With Arched Window And Built in Bookshelves

Window Seat With Arched Window And Built In Bookshelves Dwellingdecor
Source: ernestogarciadesign.com

A reader’s paradise! This window seat with arched window and a built in bookshelves behind has the bookshelves facing the room, making the window seat more like a chaise.

Window Seats With A Standing Mirror

Window Seats With A Standing Mirror Dwellingdecor
Source: studio-mcgee.com

To utilize the space completely,  the seated area was created with a standing mirror. A statement sconce really stands out with the muted tones in the vintage rug and a natural wood stool.

Window Seats With A View

Window Seats With A View Dwellingdecor
Source: bhg.com

This lengthy lounge area brings a certain flare to the place but would have been overlooked as just boring empty space, not so long ago. Located across from the kitchen island, the custom window seat lets you stow small appliances to supplement traditional cabinetry.

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