If you’re having trouble gearing up in the post-holiday doldrums, you’re not alone.

Blink-182’s Travis Barker is apparently also going through it, or so it seems as he left the house for a coffee run in his signature hoodie and shorts ensemble with his big fuzzy Crocs x Balenciaga slippers on. Cozy!

First they came for our pants and now 2024 it looks like it’s coming for our sneaker game too.

Travis Barker spotted grabbing a coffee wearing Balenciaga's Crocs collaboration.BACKGRID, Press

Fans of the Blink-182 drummer will be well aware that this isn’t the first time he’s opted to don slipper-like shoes for his errands.

Last year Barker wore a hoodie in 90F and Balenciaga slippers, defying all expectations about how one should dress during a heat wave. His January 2 ensemble, though, was certainly more fitting for the time of year and the skull and bone socks were a nice touch too.

To Barker’s credit, he and Kourtney just had a baby in November and this looks like an errand he had to run under New Dad duress.

It’s in the slippers, but also the way he’s precariously holding the coffee cup with no lid and whatever is in that bowl. It’s a whole mood, akin to Ben Affleck and his Dunkin Donuts, for instance.

As it goes, Barker isn’t the only celeb rocking slippers in 2024. Colin Farrell, the Irish actor, was also spotted leaving his crib recently wearing flannel pajama pants and a pair of slippers (albeit not quite as stand-out as Barker’s).

Colin Farrell wearing slippers 2024.Getty Images

Farrell, who paired the look with his hair pushed back and a sweatband in the colors of the Irish flag, added on a long woollen coat over the jammies and slippers that tempered the whole running to the grocery store look.

While the look might evoke a slightly different vibe to Barker’s, it delivers the same message: we’re taking slippers outside now.

Still, knowing what we know about Kourtney and the Detective Monk-like attention she pays to her health and germs, she might not have sent the new dad out for coffee and a granola bowl if she knew he was wearing his Christmas slippers in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Either way, it’s better than barefoot and the holidays can be rough, no matter how rich and famous you are.

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