Lighting absolutely decides how good a bathroom looks and feels. Often thought as mundane, the bathroom is actually one of the places you spend most of your time in, opening up a plethora of decor and lighting options to suit your style and which let you decide the character of the place as well. Here we have for you “30 Bathroom Lighting Ideas” to ensure that you make the most of your bathroom with great interior lighting.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, functionality is equally, if not more important than aesthetics. The lighting plays an important part in how you look when you gaze at yourself in the mirror each morning, also setting the tone for how you go about with your day. It could make or break the experience you have, spending time in your meticulously designed, well thought out bathroom. You’d want your bathroom lighting to be bright enough to let you get the sneakiest of chin hairs while being natural enough to let you get on a balanced makeup, making you neither overdone or underdone for a perfect evening out.  So let’s get started, shall we ?

Before selecting the perfect lighting for your bathroom, it is essential that you know the types of lighting options you have at your disposal.

Types of Bathroom Lights:

Pendant Lights
These are the hanging kind. Pendant lights usually hang down from the ceiling by a cord or chain. They’re usually installed in pairs, if not more which makes having at least one on each side of the mirror the best option.

Wall Sconces
Wall sconces are lights that are directly attached to a wall. As with pendants, scones are also recommended in pairs which makes it common to place wall sconces on each side of a mirror to add an accent to the bathroom sink space.

Vanity Lighting
Vanity lighting is probably the most common choice for bathrooms. They usually include a number of lights connected to one base and are frequently placed above a mirror, either along its length or centered.

Ceiling Lights / Recessed Lighting
As the name suggests, ceiling lights are lights that you attach to the ceiling of your bathroom. Some of your more affordable options will fall in this category and, as with the other types, you’ll have no limits on the range of styles available.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Asian Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Amber it is! The onyx panels on either side of the sink have lights that run behind, which brings them to life with just the flick of a switch. The ceiling lights on top add to the decor of this bathroom that has wall-to-wall wooden panels that nicely cover up the plumbing as well.

Bathroom With Decorative Wall Lights

Bathroom With Decorative Wall Lights Dwellingdecor


This romantic and luxurious setup features lights that are dotted around the wall on white holders which brings out the warmth of the scheme. These can easily be replaced as well, making it robust as well.

Bathroom With long Brushed Brass Sconce

Bathroom With long Brushed Brass Sconce dwellingdecor


Brass fixtures are a common sight these days. This particular long brushed brass sconce is ever so graciously flanking the mirror, warming up the neutral bluish-gray walls.

Beach Style Bathroom Lighting Ideas

How chic is this bathroom lighting idea! These blue pendant lights are suspended from tinted tin with rope that are supported by two black metal hooks. The blue theme of the bathroom holds well in all aspects of the decor.

Beautiful Bathroom Floor Lighting

You’ve heard of recessed ceiling lights. Now check out these recessed floor lights that go around the bathtub, enhancing the ambience of the place.

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Chandelier

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Chandelier Dwellingdecor


This central chandelier in this super modern and contemporary bath brings about a royal aura about the place and anyway, a bathroom so stylish is fit for none less than a king.

Contemporary Powder Room With inbuilt Countertop Light

The backlit yellow onyx countertop featured in this picture is similar to the wall panel featured in the first example. The high hanging pendant lights cause light to bounce off the iridescent glass tile wall that house the mirror giving the whole place a warm ambience.

Craftsman Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Another crafty bathroom lighting example. The pendant lights in this bathroom are bright, bringing out the craftsmanship of the wooden cabinets, beige walls, one-piece toilet, and granite countertop.

Eclectic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Here we have our first vanity light bathroom. A beautiful dark themed flower wallpaper is paired with a black wainscot, with the brass bracketed vanity lighting setup illuminating the whole place.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Here’s yet another classy bathroom with a chandelier. The chandelier makes this neutral toned bathroom with a claw foot tub and a dedicated twin-shower showering  area brightly lit when turned on, adding to the magnificence of the decor.

Industrial Style Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This industrial themed bathroom has an urban concrete floor and open cabinets with exposed plumbing. The pendant lights hanging off the ceiling is close enough to the brick wall, directing light back at the masonry and adding an easy vibrant bloom.

Large Bathroom With Wall Lights

Large Bathroom With Wall Lights Dwellingdecor


Whoever said you had to stick with just one kind! This bathroom cleverly uses a mix of both wall sconces that flank the mirror and atop the painting with a vanity light above the mirror to deliver the best overall lighting conditions that go well with the backsplash and the neutral tone.

Luxurious Bathroom With Crystal Chandelier

Luxurious Bathroom With Crystal Chandelier Dwellingdecor


Yet another interesting bathroom lighting idea which combines a chandelier with sconces on either side of the twin mirror setup. The chandelier provides ambient lighting while the candlestick shaped sconces provide proper task lighting for all your personal grooming needs.

Master Bathroom With A Sleek Chrome Branches Chandelier

This streamlined master bathroom has a sleek chrome branched chandelier with LEDs at the end. The triple mirror setup also features twin flanking sconce lights that bring out the beautiful wall texture and design while letting you take care of all your personal grooming activities.

Mediterranean Bathroom Lighting Ideas

One of all! This vividly lit mid-sized Tuscan powder room has recessed ceiling lights provide the ambient lighting. The rectangular sconce lights feature brass fixtures that extends downwards, matching the mirror length. The candles set inside the walls and the LED lights under the cabinet are more decorative than functional but can be used to set the ambience too.

Mid-century Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This contemporary bathroom features a large translucent hanging light in the centre. The wall mounted sconce lights on either side of the mirror and on the opposite walls accentuate the wall and the paintings respectively. The underlit cabinet adds a charming twist to the decor as well.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This artistic washroom features a central mirror with exquisite woodwork which is accented by the two sconces. It is interesting to notice how the lights have been set up on opposing perpendicular walls to the mirror , ever so gracefully.

Modern Bathroom With Vanity Lights

Modern Bathroom With Vanity Lights Dwellingdecor


Minimalistic. This single toned modern white bathroom has two vanity lights setup atop both the mirrors. The lights have frosted glass shades and a brushed nickel fixture making it go perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Red And Gold Bathroom With Led Lights

This dramatic themed bathroom uses gold leaf on one wall of the bathroom and combines it with rich-red brick tiles. The ceiling lights are working hard here, emphasizing the curves of the fittings and casting a flattering glow across the bath.

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This rustic themed bathroom features an all-earthy colored decor. Completing the look of the room is a central hanging ambient light that has black iron fixtures and a pair of traditional lamp shaped wall sconces.

Scandinavian Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Scandinavian Bathroom Lighting Ideas Dwellingdecor


The black brackets of the wall sconces nicely brings about a charming contrast with respect to the white walls. It is impressive how the bathroom is modern contemporary but the lights are industrial themed, bringing in the best of both worlds.

Shabby-Chic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Shabby-Chic Bathroom Lighting Ideas Dwellingdecor


The slightly distant pendant lights partially account for the ambience in this situation. The clear glass shade adds an interesting refracted pattern on the top while accenting the walls. The recessed ceiling lights do most of the ambient lighting in this particular bathroom lighting idea.

Small Bathroom With Small Light Bulbs

Pretty! This twin mirror bathroom looks beautiful with the soft color palette of the walls and the furniture. And adding to the beauty is a three-light vanity setup with metal holders and transparent glass shades that are mounted atop the mirrors.

Small Transitional Bathroom With Pendant Lights

Trippy reflections! This bathroom features a dramatic full sized mirror composed of handmade glass and highlighting its beauty is a pair of pendant lights that add to the decor.

Southwestern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Southwestern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Dwellingdecor


Cranes in a bathroom ? Yessir, this southwestern multicolored floor bathroom with open cabinets features two pendant lights that are hanging by two crane hooks which are held up by knotted heavy duty ropes. Adding a rustic vibe to the place are the handpump and metal baskets atop the wooden stool under the sink.

Traditional Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Traditional Bathroom Lighting Ideas


This bathroom lighting idea utilizes a single pendant per mirror setup. Since it is a kids bath, the mirror sizes are small, so is the decor fun with nautical accents and fun. The small mirror sizes makes this kind of setup perfect, which wouldn’t have been with the case with bigger washrooms.

Transitional Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This modern bathroom features a contemporary ceiling attached chandelier that adds a warm glow to the place. Apart from that there are multiple recessed lights. The lit candles in the corner add to the warmth and makes this place cozy comfortable.

Tropical Bathroom Lighting Ideas

This tropical island themed uses multiple pendants in a non symmetrical setup. The translucent shades make the ambient lighting go well with the color palette and theme of the place. The exterior bathtub is something of a beauty too.

Victorian Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Victorian Bathroom Lighting Ideas Dwellingdecor


The focalpoint of this bathroom is the eloquent chandelier in the centre. It features glass discs surrounding a central light giving out interesting patterns when lit. The bathroom also features two traditional sconce lights flanking the countertop.

White Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Modern and Elegant! This bathroom features two twin long sconce lights flanking both the mirrors with blue frosted glass panels, one in the centre and two on each side. Also, there are recessed ceiling lights that go all the way till the drawing room adding multiple accents to the place.

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