Colors are a wonderful way to express yourself. It adds life and emotion to even the most mundane things in life which is why keeping the color palette in mind is very important when you are designing your house as it would make a great difference to the whole ambience.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to modelling a room is the curtains.While they serve the obvious task of adding privacy to our rooms and keeping the sun out, they also add a certain style element and elegance to the whole layout. As you’ll observe in many of the colorful curtain ideas that follow, the magic that the curtains bring about in a room and the captivating lighting effects brought about by the soulful play between the curtains and natural light.

Curtains definitely aid you in creating various moods and lights for your house based on their color, texture and shape. Made to measure curtains are to be preferred over ready-made curtains as the ready-made ones may not be fit for your home or they may not meet your preferences. So here we have come up with 30 colorful and beautiful ideas for your curtains that you’re surely gonna love.

Colorful Curtain Ideas

Abstract Fabric Designer living Room Curtains

Lets get floral! The colorful floral patterns on the curtains go very well with a rug/carpet of the same design and add to that, royal dark blue interiors and you’re well on your way to becoming  the talk of the town.

Asian Living Room Entrance Curtain Decor

The Asian dark wood floor and beige walls add to the elegance of the remodelled Providence living room. The multi-colored curtains further add to an elegant but cozy environment you would love to relax in.

Beautiful Pink Living Room Curtains

The pink color of this chic curtain adds a feminine and charming feel to the place and the harlequin pattern provides the place adds to the creative texture of the room.

Colored Ruffled Shower Curtain

Choosing ideal shower curtains can sometimes be a pain as one has to make sure that the color palette goes well with the restroom’s interiors. Nevertheless, the principal focus on the curtain, as with any piece of art, needs to be colors and patterns that bring out the personality and the soul of the home owner.

Colorful American Living Room

Just take a look at the simplicity and warmth that the different blues and the whites bring about. The glossy peach stool brightens up the palette significantly. Toss in a colorful throw blanket and you can achieve as much or as little color as you prefer by folding the blanket up, spreading it out or moving it to another room entirely.

Colorful European Style Sheer Curtain

Colorful European Style Sheer Curtain dwellingdecor


Just imagine gazing at the sun rise through the colorful screen provided by this European Style Sheer Polyester Curtains, it would something right out of a fairytale. This would add such a bright feel to the whole room, just what you’d want in your kids’ room.

Colorful Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Just how beautiful can your bedroom get ! This is a fine example of a 1950s light wood floor bedroom paired with a blue backdrop provided by the textured curtains. The selectively let natural light in, providing for a really wonderful morning.

Colorful Striped Curtain

Colorful Striped Curtain dwellingdecor


If you’re looking for colorful and vibrant, then look no further. Here’s a great idea of how can you create a focal point in the living room by using a super lively and vibrant curtain with splash of brightly colored straight symmetrical stripes.

Contemporary Bedroom With Stunning Large Colorful Curtains

Modern and Elegant. The patterned curtains add so much personality to the room. The warm fireplace and abstract designed rug further makes this bedroom into a really cozy and chic resting chamber. The wooden floor also goes very well with the whole aura of the room.

Contemporary Kids Bedroom With Animal Print Curtains

Mixing patterns and prints is all the rage these days when it comes to kids rooms as seen from the animal printed curtains and shades. A good idea for a successful pattern mix is to vary the pattern scale and pick prints that share at least one color as seen from the orange on the rug that complements the orange in the curtains.

Contemporary Bathroom For Couple With Shower Curtain

Who doesn’t like some lively colors in their bathroom. The neutral colored finish of this modern bathroom gets a splash of bold colors with a Marimekko shower curtain in their iconic Unikko floral print. The shower curtain takes the space from being muted to absolutely memorable.

Craftsman Bedroom With Colorful Curtains

Matching your curtains with your pillows is an exciting way to add symmetry. This is a a mid-sized arts and crafts medium tone wood floor bedroom design in Nantes with gray walls. The room is naturally lit quite well and gives out a very subtle vibe.

Eclectic Bedroom Curtains

Eclectic bedroom Curtains Dwellingdecor


Here is an example of how colorful printed curtains can turn an otherwise okay room into something adventurous and exciting. The bamboo shades do a great job of curbing the sun when you wanna turn in for a quick cozy nap.

Eclectic Family Room Colorful Curtains

Just gaze upon the wonderful prints on the curtain shades that beautifully compliment the framed artwork and the vermilion themed furniture. This is an excellent alternative to full spaced curtains when you’re short on space or want to mix up and want to try something new.

Fabulous Curtains In A Neutral Room

Fabulous.  The floor-to-ceiling curtains are simply fabulous and this definitely takes us down the memory lane to an old piano teacher’s house. The natural prints on the curtain and the subtle color palette really makes it look like music would come pouring in through the window at any time.

Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Decor

A Star spangled bedroom. The checkered blue, white and red curtains certainly completes the look if you’re brooding over a Country boy theme. Given above is a star carpeted and brown floored kids’ bedroom photo in Denver with beige walls.

Industrial Mid-tone Dining Room With Stunning Huge Curtains

PHEW, the curtains on this one. Gaze upon the magnificient curtains that clothe this industrial themed dining room. This industrial medium tone wood floor dining room with brick walls is from Charleston.

Kids Small Room With Colorful Curtain

This kids room is just so adorable with the green walls and colorful print curtains. It is important to keep the color palette simple and bright which would add to the liveliness of the room. The added blue from the lamp and the stool brings in a tasty twist.

Luxurious Living Room With Colorful Curtains

Luxurious Living Room With Colorful Curtains Dwellingdecor


If you’ve got a big spacious living room then you’re gonna need curtains that go with the big windows that are going to be there. The color selection was done so that the prints on the curtain not only go with the paneled glass design on the window, but also with the beige and the pinks of the cushions, all adding up for an antique but vibrant look.

Mediterranean Dining Room With Blue Curtains

Eloquent designs on the curtains truly become the focal point in this Mediterranean themed dining room. The blue walls and white accessories are a real great combination for a living room along with a beautiful wooden paneled floor in this Phoenix based remodeled house.

Modern Living Room With Red & Grey Curtains

Scarlet is the theme. The velvety red curtains along with its grey printed counterpart surely brings about a mysterious and chic ambience to this small modern living room remodel in Houston. The whites of the chairs and the walls adds a nice little contrast to the whole room.

Polka Dotted Living Room Curtain

POLKA IS BACK!! The oversized red polka dots of the curtains makes this particular living room super modern but retro at the same time. The colors of the curtains perfectly complement those of the rug and act as a striking focal point in the living room.

Printed Curtain Living Room

Want to show off your fun side ? Get a pair of really beautiful and fun printed colorful curtains which adds to the lively ambience in this living room. The white foundation of the curtain is great for adjusting natural light. The pup surely seems to agree…RRUFFF.

Red and White Living Room Curtain

Oriental design prints on the bright red living room curtains are surely an eye catcher. It is great for drawing attention to the window and creating a focal point of the place while the white printed pattern transfers sunlight and creates a balanced ambience in this living room.

Retro Beach Style Bedroom With Three Tone Curtains

This master bedroom is highlights your home with a wall-to-wall striped headboard surrounded by vintage black and white photo frames. Isn’t it just lovely how the three tone curtains completely covers the room’s color palette of Gray, White and a dashing Yellow.

Rustic Bathroom With Beautiful View

With a view like that, you would definitely want less of whatever would block it. But these combined white and red patterned and satin white curtains surely make the experience more wholesome. Add to it a mountain style limestone floor and a free standing bathtub and you’re in heaven.

Scandinavian Kids Bedroom

There’s nothing that spells out fun like colors and dots and these curtains have both. Above is a mid-sized kids room with beige floor, fit for your little princesses and princes to play out their fun imaginary stories in.

Shabby-Chic Style Large Bedroom

Stripey Stripes!! Don’t mind the stripes as they’re there just to complement the royal green curtains that elegantly add a warm ambience to the room. The similarly colored table and the fireplace completes the look of this modern chic mid-sized living room.

Southwestern Living Room

Bold and Beautiful. The vibrant colors in this room brought about by the bright yellow curtains and the blue couch surely redefines the industrial theme. Just flip on the lights on top and let the colors do the rest of the talking.

Traditional Playroom Decor With Curtains

This is a classic playroom design with a corner space for your cute little one to perform like the star she will become someday. The curtains are white with a bright red scattered print and goes well with the electric ambience in the room. Shush now, the star is about to begin her performance.

Hope this articles helps you in draping your room to perfection and also fetches some compliments.

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