Garages have become an integral part of your home design and choosing the right type for you can be a tough job sometimes. If not done properly, you may end up with a garage too inconvenient for your parking and storage needs or one with too unused space. We have listed below “40 Stunning Garage Designs & Ideas” which should guide you and give you an accurate idea about all the options you have.

Garage designs can be fun and sometimes it could make or break a perfect home design. Which makes it all the more important to select the right style, the right finish, the right kind of layout for your garage and even account for the future space requirements for your cars or any additional storage space. A lot of people don’t give much thought about their garage design and end up with shabby shed like structures which absolutely ruin the look of their homes that they ever so meticulously built.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for anything less than the perfect garage design idea for you as we have included a wide variety of styles ranging from external carriage house type ones to modern internal ones, that too with a wide range of door styles to choose from. These functional garage design ideas also serve as recreation rooms, workshops, home offices, warehouses for home-based enterprises, play rooms, child care centers, storage, or even a practice hall for the next music icon of our era! So without further ado, here are the 40 Stunning Garage Designs that would save you a lot of trouble later.

Stunning Garage Designs & Ideas

Asian Open Concept Garage

Asian Open Concept Garage Dwellingdecor


This is a beautiful carriage house type open concept garage constructed with dark toned reclaimed wood. This would especially help out those who’d need constant space modification. Internal partitions can also be done with ease if your storage needs demand it.

Beach Style One Car Garage Design

Beach Style One Car Garage Design Dwellingdecor


This out of the box idea includes a stunning beach style garage, directly connected to the dining area, so that you can keep an eye on your precious car while dining in with your family. Included is a blue paneled door with a stone facade on the side which fashionably donnes a wall hanging.

Brick Garage Design With Solid Wooden Doors

Brick Garage Design With Solid Wooden Doors Dwellingdecor


Look at this beautiful brick facade garage wall with traditional white-topped pergola decoration. It features a single carriage style arched door with flanking sconce lights and a porch to the left which lets you access the living space above.

Brick Home Features Unique Garage

The sconce lantern lights on top add a nice old school look to this brick above, stone below facade layout. This particular setup is unique in terms of the inward facing angled setup of the two wooden single carriage style  doors with glass panels on top.

Contemporary Garage With Brick Floors & High Ceiling

Contemporary Garage With Brick Floors & High Ceiling Dwellingdecor


Shuffle up! This hydraulic lift type parking system optimises the use of vertical space. It is ideal if you have inadequate horizontal space to store all your cars or need some extra storage space.

Craftsman Style Garage Design

Artsy garages are in! Featured is a stone walled external carriage type garage with sideways louvered doors of, all made of a light toned wood. There is extra space on top if you want storage.

Eclectic Dome Shaped Garage

This carport style garage is open and a really cool driveway idea. The ornamental roof is dome shaped with a central chandelier and exquisite brickwork done on he ground fit for something royal. This wouldn’t necessarily protect your car from dust and rain though.

Eclectic Garage With Columns & Exposed Beam

Eclectic Garage With Columns & Exposed Beam Dwellingdecor


Here is another one of those internally open garages that connects right to your living room. The double carriage style doors and exquisite granite groundwork does make this setup super trendy and would be the perfect place for your equally splendid car collection.

Eclectic Style Garage With Four Car Parking

This retro themed four-car garage houses gas pump dividers with a tasteful red-white tilework that compliments the vintage themed garage doors that roll up completely when opened.

Farmhouse Attached Two-car Garage

This concrete carriage house type garage has interior wooden panels and an up and over type aluminium garage door that makes it one of the most simplistic and functional garages in this list. There is ample space left to stow away your tools and bikes too.

Farmhouse Garage Inside Stud Farm

This country style garage is adjacently connected to a barn with a seamless transition between the two. The wooden single carriage type door has a dark toned wood frame and a smoked glass panel above for adequate lighting.

Huge Beach Style Three-car Garage

This huge beach style three car garage idea has a brick laden ground with an included recreational space. The black painted wooden single carriage door is complimented by white interiors and dry wall clad beams.

Huge Industrial Three-car Garage

An absolute mancave setup is what this is. This spacious industrial three car garage-workshop is perfect for the weekend mechanic. The tall brick accented wall and metal hanging lights complete the look. You can always head up after a tiring tinkering session and crack open a cold one with the guys.

Industrial Style Garage With Concrete Construction

Sharp and modern. This industrial style front facing attached garage has a beautiful black painted up and over type wooden door. There is an added side entrance to access the single car garage without having to open the garage door.

Island Style Two-car Open Concept Garage Design

This classic attached, side facing two stall garage with the light toned wooden carriage style doors perfectly accentuates the island themed house with the brick courtyard.

Large Arts And Crafts Three-car Carport

This is a lavish three-car carport design with wooden panel sliding doors. The natural warm toned wood finish matches that of the rest of the wall with added roof lights to bring life to this exquisite red sports car.

Large Island Style Attached Two-car Garage

Take a look at this Japanese themed island style attached two-car garage. It has a single extra large wooden door with a beautiful concrete and grass driveway design.

Large Southwest Attached Four-car Carport

Large Southwest Attached Four-car Carport Dwellingdecor


How exquisite is this four car garage with two carriage type doors with grilled openings and flanking sconce lantern lights. The doors are angled and inward facing with the main entrance in between them, all being complemented by a brick courtyard and a bright yellow facade.

Large Tuscan Attached Three-car Garage

Overgrown with moss ? I don’t think so. This large three car garage design has three stalls with warm natural toned wooden carriage style arched doors. The foliage and the supported beam structure with the added stone courtyard completes the Tuscan look.

Luxurious Garage With Two Car Parking

This super modern two car garage looks like something out of a Bond movie. Luxurious and spacious, this garage has floors that were redone with a textured coating, really transforming the look of the place.

Luxurious Single Car Garage

Luxurious Single Car Garage Dwellingdecor


This classic barn type garage is both affluent and modern with its single foldable carriage style door and shingled wood above, stone below facade design. The white frames are nicely complemented by the brass sconce lights on either side.

Man Cave Garage Design

Man Cave Garage Design Dwellingdecor


This modern day mancave garage has a single car parking space with an attached recreational area and a full sized counter top with matching stools. I never knew storage could be so much fun.

Mediterranean Three-car Garage With Cutout Design

This mediterranean themed three car garage has three individual arched metal entrances with a dark toned finish and a star shaped design cut out from the middle. The white stucco pillars separate the doors and go well the overgrowth above.

Mid-sized Beach Style Two-car Garage

Mid-sized Beach Style Two-car Garage Dwellingdecor


Check out this mid-sized beach style two-car garage remodel in Miami. The up and over type frosted doors with black frames go well with the redone floor. The extra wall space has been used to stow away tools.

Mid-sized Scandinavian Garage

This front facing extension single car garage has paneled natural rock finish walls and a gravel driveway. The space on top can be used for a garden or other decorative arrangements

Modern Attached Garage Design Under Stairs

The groundfloor of this modern residence has been partly converted into parking space. Though the granite flooring gives the space a posh look, it is quite susceptible to dirt and other oil/chemical stains. Since it is an internal arrangement, one should avoid storing equipment and tools as in other setups.

Modern Attached Garage Idea

Yet another splendid attached garage idea. This modern contemporary garage idea gives you direct access to the living room and is well furnished with a dark toned tile floor and a lavish wooden paneled roof.

Modern Garage With Simple Granite Floors

Modern Garage With Simple Granite Floors Dwellingdecor


Splendid! This detached two car garage layout has flush lighting arrangement and full sized cabinets that go with the floor texture for storage. The aluminium up and over type doors make accessing the garage easy too.

Modern Home With Attached Two Car Garage

This lavish and luxurious home a single extra-wide white garage door fit for two cars. The white wall area is topped with dark wood paneling, with the two complementary up and down type lights on each side.

Rustic Detached Garage

Rustic Detached Garage Dwellingdecor


This rustic carriage houses garage features twin doors with wooden a wooden panel facade. The living space above can be used as extra storage space too in case one needs it.

Scandinavian Two Car Garage

Scandinavian Two Car Garage Dwellingdecor


This traditional two car attached garage has a single entrance with no doors with the inside of it featuring green walls with concrete flooring and an ambient lighting arrangement. The white roofing panels house additional flush lights.

Shabby-Chic Style Garage

Shabby-Chic Style Garage Dwellingdecor


This refreshing design features an open Pergola styled carport with a single car parking space. The roof has frosted glass on a dark toned wooden frame which accounts for good top lighting.

Stunning Detached Garage With a Blue accent Compound

A beautiful three car garage design that features three light toned wooden doors and dark tinted top glass panels. The dark blue accented detached carriage house style garage has a side entrance with additional storage space towards the end of the building.

Traditional Attached Garage With Granite Flooring

Traditional Attached Garage With Granite Flooring Dwellingdecor


Simple yet stunning, this traditional single car garage can be used as a mini workshop whenever necessary. The extra space has been used to stow away tools and oils with a bike hanging off the wall. The light toned granite floor may sustain chemical stains if left for too long.

Traditional Detached Garage With Large Compound

This is a front facing traditional two stalled garage with black carriage type doors and square glass panels on top. The sconce lantern lamps on either side of the doors and the gravel driveway really bring out the classic look of this design.

Transitional Four Car Garage Workshop

This one is for the motorheads. The elaborate garage design features a full sized workshop space and can house four cars comfortably. The classic checkered tiles offer a neutral backdrop making the antique beauties the focalpoint of this setup.

Tropical Two-car Garage

A fine example of a tropical two car garage with an oversized single door setup. The light toned door flows well with the abstract design of the house and the stone tiled driveway.

Unique Garage With Two Red Aluminum Doors

This unique two car garage design has two aluminium doors and they’re both framed in an ivy facade giving it a unique and bold look.

Victorian Garage With Artistic Edge Rock

A fine piece of architectural beauty. This beautiful Victorian house features an inward facing three car detached garage with neutral toned carriage style doors.

Zen Attached Garage With Industrial Touch

Zen Attached Garage With Industrial Touch Dwellingdecor


Lit! This Asian style attached garage design features an exquisite wooden floor and houses two cars with room to spare. There is a projector system targeted at a dark brick wall inside for a movie experience in your car and a flush lighting system for when the movie is done.

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