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Of the many, many, many fleece jackets on the market right now, Stüssy’s 8 Ball sherpa jacket is king. It’s an inherently cool jacket, with it’s neutral-toned fleece body and reversible design, but the main attraction is the giant 8 ball logo printed on its rear.

The design has proven so inherently appealing that Stüssy’s Fall/Winter 2022 fleece jacket has been an unexpected TikTok smash.

By pure stoke of luck, Stüssy’s latest Converse collaboration — not its first this year — keeps the 8 ball fun rollin’ with two different classic sneakers now sporting the streetwear brand’s longstanding logo.

Since the early days of Stüssy, the 8 ball has been there. It was one of the early motifs adopted by founder Shawn Stussy, along with the stylized “S” (not the Cool S), and is still very much in use to this day.

Stüssy’s never really had a fashion “hit” with it, though, until that Fw22 fleece.

I wouldn’t expect this collaborative Converse pack to similarly set the world aflame but you can definitely expect these kicks to sell out, if only to appease the masses of young fans eager to match their new favorite fleece to their shoes.

On hand for Stüssy’s latest Converse team-up are the Chuck Taylor 70 and One Star, both available in color-drenched suede and fitted with an unmissable 8 ball patch.

Nothing fancy but they get the job done, as is typical for most things Stüssy. They drop November 4 on Stüssy’s website, stores and Dover Street Markets before hitting Converse’s site on November 15.

They didn’t appear in the lookbook for Stüssy’s latest collection, Holiday 2022 but, then again, Stüssy doesn’t always like to reveal its shoes ahead of time (that being said, the Converse did leak on social media but what can you do?).

Stüssy isn’t likely to lean too hard into the 8 ball motif from here on out, just because it’s currently quite hot.

It won’t go away, to be clear, but it’s never been Stüssy’s inclination to follow the trends, so the 8 ball will simply be treated like any other recurring reference in Stüssy’s bag of tricks.