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If Fall/Winter is the season of layers, Spring/Summer is the season of accessories. Whether you’re looking to keep yourself protected from the elements or stay lowkey while you spin around the festival circuit, when the sun comes out, the hats come out.

Kicking into gear with Pre-Spring 2023, Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL is going all out on headwear.

As a well-documented, self-confessed bucket hat lover, I’ll be honest; my selection typically goes into a quiet retirement during the colder months. Typically glued to my head during a DNB set in the heights of summer, as soon as the sun rears its head, I’m eyeballing a fresh rotation.

While there are certainly plenty an options suitable for all seasons, designers tend to bring their a-game in the approach to Spring/Summer, and by the looks of things to come from A-COLD-WALL’s Pre-Spring 2023 line-up, the truth comes to light.

ACW and sick accessories pretty much go hand in hand; its baggage and hat options have yet to falter from the line, evolving from season to season to trump the last.

For Pre-Spring 2023, which has already begun rolling out on the brand’s online store and across select global retailers like SSENSE, Samuel Ross hasn’t held back, ensuring the brand covers all bases where lids are concerned. That’s hats, by the way.

Bang on trend, there’s plenty a color-dipped balaclava option, while the bucket hat selection has evolved to include alternate options, such as a “code” print finish with a paneled construction and a more traditionally shaped contrast enamel logo iteration.

Caps are treated with the same consideration, with your go-to dad cap dialed up with embroidered logos, while a more technical fabrication lends itself to another “code” print piece.

If you’re looking at getting in ahead of the season with an updated lid rotation (after all, festival season will be picking back up soon), A-COLD-WALL is calling.