High drama and a fashionably late arrival? It’s a night at the opera, the Versace way.

For this year’s holiday campaign, the Italian fashion house created a short film that nods to its rich roots within the worlds of theatre and the arts — and it will most definitely get you ready for the upcoming festive (and gifting) season.

The setting takes inspiration from the original ‘Versace Teatro’ books created by Gianni Versace in 1987 and 1992, in which essays, costumes, and stage design sketches drawn by the theatre-loving designer himself can be found.

Model Lily McMenamy (daughter of Kristen McMenamy, whose image was synonymous with Versace in the mid-1990s) makes her Versace debut starring in the glam-filled campaign as the protagonist running to the opera in a billowing chiffon dress. Along the way, she crosses paths with Versace-clad characters, including Kit Butler, Sora Choi, Mila van Eeten and American drag performer Gottmik all decked out in Versace glam for the upcoming festive season.

The campaign pulled in all the right people, working in collaboration with Franco Maria Ricci, who published the ‘Versace Teatro’ books, and renowned photographer Carlijin Jacobs, whose behind-the-lens skills showcased the theatrical opulence of the pieces in all their shining glory.

So if you’re looking to gift that perfect knitwear piece (featuring the staple Versace Medusa) or seeking out a pair of eye-catching sneakers for your friend (look no further than the Odissea), then Versace has got you covered. Amping up the sparkling season, the Versace Allover multi-logo motif finished in crystal adds a bit of glitz to the collection — perfect for gifting season.

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