Oh, you thought Di’orr Greenwood only had Dunks to offer? Me too, that is until a new Nike sneaker by the Diné skater entered the chat. As the old saying goes, the more the merrier, especially when extra sneakers are involved.

Following the reveal of Greenwood’s vibrant Dunks, Greenwood and Nike go mute with their next shoe, which happens to be a seriously stealthy Blazer Pro.

Greenwood’s Blazer sneakers are the total opposite of her bold Dunks, color-wise. The collaborative Blazers arrives in an all-black outfit, dressing nearly the entire shoe from the inside out (the outsole is off-white, though).

Like her Dunks, Greenwood’s blazers offer impressive nods to her indigenous roots, down to the “Diné” replacing the traditional Nike branding on the heel. Nice.

Textured designs dance around the shoe’s midsole, while Greenwood’s Blazers receives a cool-looking enclosed lace system, stamped with a floral motif at the base.

Greenwood’s Nike SB Blazer sneakers boast a matte upper, which looks deconstructed in a way. It’s unknown whether this detail is intentional or part of the final product, but it adds some edge to the shoe. I like it.

Di’orr Greenwood chose a slept-on Nike shoe and woke it up with a stylish colorway and creative details. Like her Dunks, the Blazer Pro sneakers have received divisive reactions, from fire emojis (a good thing) to “these are hard…to look at” comments. I’m on the former team. They’re cool.

Like it or not, Di’orr Greenwood’s Nike SB collaborations are coming (hopefully). Greenwood nor Nike have confirmed release details for her Dunks or Blazer Pros yet, but I suspect both sneakers will finally release in the new year.

Greewood’s Dunks aren’t even out, and another shoe is already making rounds. I wonder if three will be the charm with a third shoe. Hmm.

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