Nothing spells out love like coordinated couples outfits. Well, unless you’re A$AP Rocky and Rihanna who are now uncoordinating their already co-ordinated outfits in the name of both love and style.

The couple, who have been a part of the Matching Couples Club for a while now, were seen in Los Angeles on November 13 stepping out for a casual jaunt with their first born, RZA Athelston Mayers, while wearing co-ord $1,250 LOEWE women’s track tops with worn denim pants.

Typical of both Rocky and Rihanna though, while they were wearing the same track jacket but in different colors and more or less the same denim pants, they still managed to make each look their own.

After all, there are matching outfits and then there are A$AP Rocky & Rihanna matching outfits – there’s a difference.

Take Rihanna, for instance, who tucked her red zip-up jacket into her pants and rolled her sleeves to half mast. Where Rocky, sporting his now-signature Kemal Akbas cap, went untucked in his navy LOEWE number with baggy as hell stone washed pants.

Where other couples simply wear matching outfits, Rocky and Rihanna do so in their own way. They’ve taken matching outfits and unmatched them. But matched them. It’s a confusing one, but you get the idea.

Truth is, Rocky and Rihanna sporting LOEWE is a welcomed switch up from the couple’s recent slew of Bottega Veneta and PUMA escapades.

In the last month alone, there have been countless bonafide Bottega bangers from both Rocky and Rihanna (who is blonde now, by the way). And following the former’s recent appointment as PUMA’s new F1 creative director (and a subsequent collcetion reveal) plus the revival of Rihanna’s FENTY line, the pair have seldom left my news feed.

Of course, a timeline full of Rocky and Rihanna’s slaying sartorial synergy isn’t a bad thing. It does, though, make a nice change for said synergy to revolve around something other than Bottega and PUMA for a change, though.

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