adidas may be about to offload its leftover YEEZY sneaker stock sooner than expected. If so, Summer 2023 will be one for the history books, the last-ever drop of adidas YEEZY sneakers or slides.

In mid-May 2023, adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden told investors that adidas had plans to sell off YEEZY shoes from its $1 billion+ backstock of leftover product as part of a major charity sale.

Gulden didn’t confirm whether or not adidas has aims to produce its own YEEZY sneakers, as the company itself insinuated in 2022, but it doesn’t really matter for now: this sale would be the last opportunity to buy real-deal YEEZY sneakers from adidas.

So, when is adidas’ YEEZY sale?

Rumors on social media posit that adidas will sell its final YEEZY sneakers on June 1, 2023. Highsnobiety has reached out to adidas for comment.

The YEEZY SUPPLY website was shuttered in 2023 so it’s not clear where the adidas YEEZY shoes will be sold or even if the charitable sale will be a one-off drop or divided into multiple drops across 2023 as there’s apparently quite a lot of backlogged product and colorways to release.

Why is adidas selling YEEZY sneakers, by the way? Didn’t adidas cut ties with YEEZY founder Kanye “Ye” West over his anti-Semitic tantrums in late 2022?

Yes indeed but, even after it distanced itself from Ye, adidas was left with a massive amount of unsold YEEZY sneakers, fueling mass speculation that adidas and Ye would reunite to either continue the YEEZY partnership or at least create something new.

It now seems extraordinarily unlikely that adidas and Ye will ever actually get back together (and good riddance to Ye), though.

Ye, for his own part, has embarked on a series of bizarre personal ventures as part of his widespread YEEZY relaunch.

First, he quietly stret-cast models for his presumed YEEZY SEASON 10 fashion show, where the bald participants wore extremely tight T-shirts and stood, cult-like, in an undeveloped industrial space on Melrose Ave that’s presumed to be the new YEEZY headquarters.

Ye has also entirely divested himself of the YEEZY sneaker game. Ye is no longer wearing shoes, for one, just tights and socks — sometimes not even socks.

Similarly, Ye’s provocative new YEEZY campaigns feature his new wife, former YEEZY employee Bianca Censori wearing hardly any clothing, no footwear in sight.

It’s pretty clear that if YEEZY fans want to get their hands on some actual sneakers, they’d better prepare their trigger fingers for adidas’ YEEZY sale.


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