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Release Date: September 15

Price: $300

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adidas’ new ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG running sneakers are so tech-heavy that they’re banned from elite races. Seriously: the shoes’ illegality is part of adidas’ marketing push.

A detailed photograph of adidas' grey and white adidas PRIME X 2 STRUNG running sneakeradidas Running, Press

In a similar vein the New Balance race-illegal FuelCell Super Comp from last year, adidas’ PRIME X 2 STRUNG super shoes were designed without the constraints of race regulations.

That means that while elite runners’ footwear is limited to a maximum stack height of 40mm and one carbon plate, the ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG boasts a stack height of 50mm and a double carbon-infused plate system. You won’t be seeing these shoes at the Olympics.

If that wasn’t enough to get your running ticker going, underfoot adidas has configured a re-engineered midsole that features three layers of LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam, more technical padding than in any other adidas running shoe in existence.

Okay, I hear you. what exactly makes the STRUNG so fast?

Well, along with the giant stack height, LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam, and double carbon plate, the sneaker also houses an upper that’s crafted with layered strengthening.

That means extra stability in the areas that require it most and targeted flexibility in key expansion zones in the forefoot. Plus there’s also a knitted tongue that’s designed to further enhance the lock-in feel for good measure and responsiveness.

Though adidas’ ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG are illegal for elite racing, they’re fair game to anyone who isn’t a professional runner (or pros running for fun).

So for a casual 5k or marathon, or if you just wanna bop around the grocery store a little quicker, these sneakers are ready to be unleashed.

Personal Records: assemble!

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