Aisling Bea on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a dressing gown

Travelling from the UK to the U.S. for a talk show appearance must already be nerve-wracking enough, but This Way Up creator Aisling Bea‘s journey was made significantly worse by the fact her luggage didn’t make the trip with her. Somewhere amid the cancelled flights and detours to Chicago, it got lost.

Bea tells this story to guest host Sean Hayes in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above as a means of explaining why she’s currently wearing a dressing gown.

“I’d been travelling for 22 hours, and the thoughts of trying to find something…but luckily the hotel had this free dress just lying in the bathroom!” Bea says, before standing up to show off her slippers. “I wasn’t sure whether to go white with white, I was like, ‘Aw, I’m not getting married,’ but you know, big deal, it’s Jimmy Kimmel, and they kind of like bring out the whites of my eyes.”

Bea finishes by making a direct, heartfelt appeal to the camera for whoever has her lost luggage. At least the whole ordeal made for a good talk show anecdote.


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