An American woman has had her first experience with Australia’s healthcare system and shared why it’s much better than the United States’ system…

The United States, despite being the wealthiest country on Earth and spending more money on its healthcare system than virtually any other country, is the most expensive in the world. It’s way too expensive for average Americans… Among many other prevalent issues. Comparatively, Australia has a rather good healthcare system – as one American woman has recently discovered.

As first reported by, Gigi, a TikTok user who moved from California to Australia’s Northern Territory last month, was left “shook” when she had to seek medical treatment in the Land Down Under.

Gigi shared a video of her first experience with Australia’s healthcare system on TikTok, and captioned it with:

“10/10 experience, in the US I’m lucky if they don’t accuse me of seeking drugs or wait 4+ hours to give me anything. I’m shook at how much was done for me in a short time. All in the emergency department. Would’ve taken a month to get the same services done back in the [United] States.”

TikTok user @giginaturally

WATCH: Gigi’s TikTok highlights how Australia’s healthcare system is better than America’s…

The video itself shows that Gigi had to only pay US$680 for her treatment but that entire amount would be “reimbursed by private insurance.” And speaking to, Gigi clarified that the same treatment would’ve cost “at least US$5000” in an American hospital.

In Gigi’s video, she praises the fact that she was given medication “promptly” after she arrived at the hospital and that the Australian “doctors and nurses were attentive and genuinely concerned.”

She also commented, “US hospitals could never.”

Indeed, the US health system costs roughly twice as much as the Australian health system per person… All while achieving worse results.

To anyone thinking of making the move from America to Australia, it’s clear from Gigi’s TikTok that a big item on the pro list is our healthcare system. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, indeed.

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