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TL;DR: Through March 31, you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to Hushed Private Phone Line for just $24.99 instead of $150. That’s 83% in savings.

Spam phone calls are annoying, and they’re actually getting more common every year. If you’re sick of picking up the phone and finding a robot with a sales quota on the other side, try using Hushed to help filter out the calls and texts you don’t want to answer. Hushed Private Phone Line adds a second phone number to your phone, and you can still get lifetime access for only $24.99, but that deal expires after March 31. 

Add a secret second phone number to your phone 

Hushed gives you a fully functional phone number that’s available for calls, texts, and even voicemail. Give it out to friends so you know if you’re getting a call, it’s from someone you actually want to answer. Or use your Hushed number for work calls and signing up for accounts online so you can enforce boundaries and cut down on spam. It’s also great for online sales, dating, and other situations where you might hesitate to give your real number out. The weekends are for one phone number and the work week is for another. Your new phone number can even have any area code from the US or Canada. 

Your Hushed minutes aren’t unlimited, but a lifetime subscription certainly gives you a lot of them. If you run through the 6,000 SMS and 1,000 phone minutes per year, you can always get more directly from Hushed. The only requirement is that you use your Hushed number at least once every six months. There are no renewal fees or subscription costs, and you can install Hushed on iOS or Android devices. 

Last chance to get a lifetime subscription

If you want a little more control over how and when people can contact you, then a second phone number may help make that happen. This is your last chance to get a lifetime subscription to Hushed Private Phone Line for just $24.99. Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on March 31. No coupon needed. 

Prices subject to change.