I’ll be honest, I’ve been worried sick about Ben Affleck’s grimace.

It had been almost six weeks since the actor was last seen in the wild looking physically disappointed in absolutely everyone and everything, so when he was captured outside his Santa Monica office looking full of resentment earlier this week, I breathed a huge – and much needed – sigh of relief.

Before hitting send on your “LEAVE BEN AFFLECK ALONE!!!” comment, let me just say: I actually quite like him. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’m a fan of him, his face, and maybe at least one or zero of his films.

I’m not simply spotlighting Affleck looking sad, fed up, and downbeat for the fun of it, I’m doing so because I’m absolutely fascinated by him and his ability to look like he’s been freshly sprayed with tear gas at any given moment.

Since the emergence of those “Sad Affleck” memes towards the back end of last year, the actor and now-husband of Jennifer Lopez has been spotted on countless occasions looking like he hitched the singer with a shotgun pushed to his back.

Even on his Parisian honeymoon in the middle of a romantic river cruise he took himself to a secluded part of the ship for some alone time with just him, his thoughts, and his grimace for company.

The following week we saw him hiding behind a backpack on his way to the office, for him only to pop out looking his moody old self and, in turn, add another grimace to the collection.

For what it’s worth, the aggrieved expression consistently plastered across his face isn’t a new thing and since marrying J Lo (as this tweet spotlights to perfection), it’s been a thing for some time now.

Luckily for us, despite a brief hiatus for whatever the rhyme or reason, Affleck’s grimace is back where it belongs and on our screens, and I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased, not because I hate him, but because I’m obsessed.