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UPDATE: Nov. 2, 2022, 3:10 p.m. EDT This story has been updated to include the latest pricing and deals from Apple, Beats, Bose, and more. Check out our top picks of the best deals.

  • BEST HEADPHONE DEAL: Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones provide some of the best in class active noise cancellation and comfort — $249 $329 (save $80)

  • BEST EARBUD DEAL: The AirPods Pro (first gen) may not be the latest and greatest anymore, but they’re still some of the best ANC earbuds out there — $169.99 $249.99 (save $80)

We know it can be a lot to hear, but we’re already in November, and Black Friday season is well underway.

Though the biggest savings probably won’t come until the week of Nov. 25, retailers have already started cutting their prices on some of the best tech of the holiday season — including those fancy headphones you’ve had your eye on.

Even though we’re only two days into Black Friday month, we’re seeing Bose headphones get $80 markdowns, Beats at over $100 off, and AirPods quietly getting closer to hitting (and maybe even besting) previous record lows.

You’ll notice that most major retailers are matching each other’s prices (with very few exceptions), which is great; if something sells out on Amazon, for example, you’ll usually be able to find it at Best Buy or Walmart.

Best headphones deal

Why we like it

Next time you’re in an airport, take a look around and see how many frequent flyer types are wearing these headphones. The reason? They stay comfortable for long periods of time, they have some of the best active noise cancellation in the game (as has been the case in their earlier QC and QC II’s), and give 24 hours of battery life per charge.

This isn’t quite the lowest price we’ve seen them at — that honor would go to their $229 Prime Day 2 pricing. Still, you can grab them in all four colors offered for $80 off. For true audiophiles, we might suggest waiting for some more deals to drop, as these headphones have good, but not the most exceptional, audio quality.

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Best earbuds deal

Why we like it

What can we say about the AirPod Pros that you probably haven’t already heard? Apple’s first earbuds with active noise cancellation may not be the newest out there, but damn if they still don’t get the job done. You can use them sans ANC, in transparency mode for hearing your surroundings, or really block out the world around you with the ANC. Maybe they don’t have some improvements of the new second generation AirPod Pros, but $169 is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen them at.

The biggest downside of these buds is their battery life, but at this price, it’s not that much different than most earbuds with ANC. Plus, they’re a far cry cheaper than the second gen Pros, which at their small discount are still $239 (though we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it drop more as Black Friday gets closer).

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