Fall season is in full swing. While many of us are still trying to style our new beanies and layering options, Rihanna, once again, beat us all to the punch with an ultra-cozy ‘fit — and a new blonde, waist-length hair look. The musician took her newly done hair out for a proper reveal on the streets of West Hollywood on November 12 and again over the weekend while out with A$AP Rocky and baby RZA.

Something about the couples’ matching Loewe jackets in their off-time at the park screams that her honey blonde look forges a new era. Is it too farfetched to believe that a new hair color might mean new Rihanna music is on the horizon? A fan can only dream.

Rihanna is no stranger to a blonde ‘do. Rih famously played with blonde looks at many appearances during the earlier years of her career, from her short, side-swept style at the 2010 Grammys to the tight blonde curls the following year. This was all in between going full redhead for her Loud era and back again. This is the first time since 2012 — if you can believe it — that she’s gone full-on blonde with super straight extensions.

Her new hair color, complete with a middle part, has a very ‘90s flair to it. It takes me back to the era when Mary J. Blige showcased her signature blonde hair and its versatility, even wearing a similar straight style early in her music career. Consider it the hairdo of icons. 

Rihanna hinted at the hair color change last month, stepping out for A$AP Rocky’s 35th birthday party in NYC with blonde highlights twisted into a curly up-do. While everyone gawked at Rocky’s pink Bottega Veneta bag and still gushed over pics of their second baby, Riot, Rihanna was quietly teasing her back-to-blonde era by dabbling in the shade.

After test-driving the blonde highlights in October, Rihanna dined out with her work in tresses progress, pairing the style with full leather getups and Bottega Veneta pieces (as only she would). But it wasn’t until November that the billionaire mogul became legally blonde.

Rihanna naturally revealed her new blonde hair in style, donning a Celine double-breasted, camel-colored coat that sort of matched her new hairdo. Again, only Rihanna. 

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She layered the luxury coat over a grey hoodie, paired with some graphic jeans by her longtime favorite brand Y/Project. At the same time, she went for a bold green Celine Triomphe bag and square-toe snakeskin heels. Her killer neon green manicure finishes off the look, joining her purse for some pop of color.

But even alongside another classic Rihanna ‘fit, the musician’s honey blonde hair remains the main event.

Just days later, Rihanna and Rocky were spotted with RZA at a park in Los Angeles, with the fashionable parents clad in twinning Loewe jackets. While Rihanna nestled her designer jacket into her Y/Project jeans, she tucked her newly blonde hair under an LAFD baseball cap, altogether screaming comfort. Honestly, ’twas all a perfect fall transformation, and of course, Rihanna nailed it with ease. 

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