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There aren’t many sneakers that have been consistently loved for quite as long as the Reebok Club C.

Comfortable, cushioned, and padded, the Club C is a sneaker that delivers the requirements needed from an everyday shoe, as well as oozing an old-school cool thanks to its relatively uncomplicated design.

Sitting alongside the Workout Plus and Classic Leather when it comes to Reebok’s most recognised silhouettes, the Club C – which is fast-approaching its fortieth anniversary – has found itself at the centre of countless collaborations with a myriad of brands in its time.

This season too is no exception, as Reebok reunites with Los Angeles-based imprint Brain Dead to release two takes on the Club C Revenge, which look set to drop online from August 9.

For this collaboration, Brain Dead has looked to nature for inspiration, reshaping the sneaker’s lines and replacing the sneaker’s classic materials with a playful fuzz texture to give each colorway a sense of being alive.

“Club C is probably one of the most iconic shoes ever made, It resonates with so many people and cultures,” explained Brain Dead Co-Founder Kyle Ng.

“We wanted to find a material that reminded us of natural ground. We thought about tennis courts and grass – from there it sprouted. We took the opportunity to revive a classic and uniquely remould it as our own.”

This collaboration follows a recent release with Mountain Research that saw the Club C serve as the focal point. Adding a removable lace guard that mimics the original Club C’s perforated foam tongue, the sneaker took on an a classic white/blue colorway, with all over perforations for good measure.


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