Underestimate the power of BTS and the BTS ARMY at your own risk. The K-Pop supergroup doesn’t even have to do anything for its fame to eclipse every aspect of life.

Witness how BTS took over the 2023 MTV VMAs without even stepping foot on the red carpet — who could ever hope to compare?

BTS has been inactive as a group since member J-Hope joined the South Korean army in April 2023 as part of his mandatory military service. However, the solo members have been actively producing their own music and keeping fans swooning with off-duty outfits and stylish surprise appearances.

Singer Jungkook, for instance, both starred in a world-shattering Calvin Klein campaign and released “Seven,” a Latto-featuring single that was nominated for a Song of the Summer VMA.

Jungkook was rumored to attend the 2023 VMAs and was reportedly seen flying into New York ahead of the event but the reclusive musician was nowhere to be found.

BTS “leader” RM, meanwhile, was celebrating a birthday. He had just turned 29 on September 11! No time for the VMAs.

BTS didn’t actually show up at the 2023 VMAs — in fact, the group rarely, if ever, attend the VMAs, preferring to instead accept their awards virtually by sending pre-taped acceptance speeches.

Still, the BTS impact is clearly felt throughout the VMAs, as it so often is when it comes to music-related award shows in general.

BTS fans won’t let anyone forget that fact, either: they spent the entire 2023 VMAs tweeting out a reminder that BTS set the stage for the American K-Pop revolution that followed their explosive world takeover.

BTS dominated Twitter’s trending section as a result, a constant reminder of the BTS fanbase’s undeniable muscle.

Beyond the fact that there’s a dedicated award for K-Pop, the appearance of K-Pop peers like Stray Kids and TXT is thanks in at least some part to the trail blazed by BTS.

BTS has also scored a record number of VMA wins —the group smashed the record for sequential “Group of the Year” wins, winning four in a row from 2018 to 2022.

Note that BTS doesn’t hold a record number of overall wins, though: Madonna holds 20 prizes overall, followed by Beyoncé with 16 and Taylor Swift, who picked up her 15th trophy at the 2023 VMAs.

Still, you can’t deny the world-conquering force that is BTS. Luxury labels bow down to them — really, companies of all stripes come to BTS begging to kiss the ring.

Surely the VMAs would be no less thrilled to have any of the boys in attendance.

Not this year, though. BTS won the whole shebang without even showing up.

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