Balenciaga’s Crocs collaborations have a history of being, er, divisive to say the least. How else to describe the stiletto clogs and aggro biker boots that Balenciaga’s cooked up with the clog company over the years?

The new Balenciaga Crocs do not stray the path. Covered in fur from toe to tip, Balenciaga and Crocs’ Spring 2024 collaboration is a tough sell for anyone not yet sold on Crocs but a slam dunk for the Balenciaga faithful.

Which isn’t saying all that much, really, since Balenciaga obsessives will buy it all regardless but, hey. Cool Crocs are cool Crocs and these are cool Crocs.

There’s little to say about Balenciaga’s latest Crocs, though, ‘cuz what you can see in the photos is basically what you get. Available at Balenciaga’s store and various retailers for nearly $900, the furry Crocs mules offer a nice (and pricey) gateway into the cheekily OTT Balenciaga design ethos.

That is to say, while Balenciaga’s wildest bits — ahem, $1,000 Towel Skirt — demand that the wearer truly buy into the Balenciaga styling, these hairy Crocs allow you to dip a cushioned toe into the aesthetic without going full Demna.

That being said, these shoes are essentially just a textural update to the existing Crocs sandals that Balenciaga designed over the past few years. Not that I’m complaining, mind you! I actually think the brownish pair are particularly fun, an exaggerated take on the furry slides that labels like Marni have been dishing for years.

And the hairy Balenciaga Crocs are at least marginally more approachable than the enormous platform clogs that kicked off the inimitable team-up many years ago.

These aren’t destined to be the instant classic that the Balenciaga Crocs Boot was a few years back but they’re fun and funky and as fresh as anything else that Balenciaga’s served up since its return to fashion earlier this year. Fur the love of Crocs!

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