In no hyperbolic terms, the auction for hit HBO show Succession offers us regular schmucks an opportunity to own a part of history. You — yes, you! — can be the proud owner of the ludicrously capacious bag or Roman Roy’s Walmart kids T-shirt if you have the dough.

The Succession prop auction, hosted on Heritage Auctions’ website, also has plenty of affordable listings, as is typical for these kinda things.

There’s always gonna be a couple niche items sought only by true devotees — Logan Roy’s medical boot, in this case, which currently has zero bids — while the quirkier signature items and obvious memorabilia garners bigger bucks.

Roman’s kids T-shirt and Old Navy shorts outfit, for instance, is nearing $1,000 with over two weeks left before the auction ends while the ludicrously capacious Burberry bag (with dress included!) is commanding $700. Other standouts include the amber-cast scorpion from season four ($525), the Roy family’s New Yorker magazine cover ($280), and prop sausages from season three’s “Boar on the Floor” ritual ($320) so you too can haze your friends and family just like the rich TV people who hate each other.

But the real treat to behold here is the font of quiet luxury up for grabs.

Truly, there has been no better opportunity to affect the Roy clan’s lazily expensive style, perhaps the most obvious locus point for the quiet luxury movement that gripped 2023. After all, Succession didn’t just depict the uber-wealthy as aspirational; it explored their psyche through their clothes, reflecting the characters’ egos in their garments.

Some of the cooler items aren’t here — Kendall’s fancy pendant necklace and Margiela sweaters are sadly absent— but you can still grab Tom Wambsgans’ Herno puffer (only $105 for the full ensemble!), Kendall Roy’s Brunello Cucinelli blazer, Shiv’s Lafayette 148 funeral shawl, or a collection of loose blazers from Armani, Dries Van Noten, and Boglioli as you wish.

Or, if you prefer the brutish tech-bro look, you can purchase complete outfits worn by Alexander Skarsgård’s Lukas Matsson which, impressively, always include an item from Japanese brand NEEDLES.

Matsson may be as irritating as any member as the Roy family but darn it, he definitely has more adventurous taste. He deserves some props, at least, for his Nike Kyrie and sacai double-layered sneakers.

It’s a pretty comprehensive selection of props worthy of even the most casual Succession fan, because whose living room wouldn’t be spruced up by Kendall Roy’s driver’s license?

But the opportunity to get quiet luxury direct from the source is what takes the auction from funny to fascinating, as it lays bare the artifice of how obscenely rich people actually dress.

Or maybe it’s just fun to imagine owning the stuff we saw actors wear on TV. Hey, no argument there.


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