Certified lover boys (now probably dogs), are you still with us? If so, Drake’s NOCTA Nike Air Force 1 is expected to return very soon.

After several postponements, the “Certified Lover Boy” Forces finally released in December 2022, over a year after Drake’s corresponding album dropped. It took so long that folks suspected the shoe had been scrapped altogether (it wasn’t, obviously).

Drake’s NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 came to us as one of the better basic white Air Force 1 collaborations as of late, going slightly beyond simple co-branding with clever romantic details.

Alongside NOCTA and Nike logos, Drake’s NOCTA Forces boasted an “I Love You Forever” message on the midsole and heart moldings for the outsole. Special pairs even received a complementary storybook and lace charms.

After giving the mini lovers their own pairs, Drake’s NOCTA and Nike are reportedly restocking their Air Force 1 Low collaboration for the adult lover boys. Mark your calendars for the shoe’s rumored restock date on November 24 (Black Friday).

It’s interesting to see NOCTA and Nike restock the Air Force 1 collab, considering Drake has since transitioned from lover boy to a dog with the release of his For All The Dogs album (the Scary Hours edition just dropped today).

In the days leading up to the project, Drake promoted the For All The Dogs through woof-worthy ensembles. And in the days after the album’s release? We got another set of catchy lyrics, some caption-able and others not so much.

With NOCTA’s Nike Air Force 1 coming back, perhaps Drake’s missing the lover boy era a bit…or he wanted to twin with his BFF Lil Yachty, who also just got his own AF1 shoe.

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