How do you celebrate yourself? If you’re drawing a mental blank or even feeling a little uncomfortable at the question, hey – you’re not alone. Life can feel so busy that we forget to stop to celebrate our successes and special moments.

So please, add this to your affirmations list: your personal effort and grind should be acknowledged. With all respect in the world to champagne, this is where a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label can really mark a moment — injecting that sense of celebration even a simple catch-up deserves.

Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Recently, we battled the busy diaries of some game-changers in the fashion industry and ended up sitting down with two London-based friends who both have plenty to celebrate. Meet FEBEN and Campbell Addy. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re living under a rock because these individuals are paving the way for a new type of creativity that not only highlights underrepresented communities but brings a fresh perspective to the fashion, art, and design landscapes.

Focusing on Ethiopian designer FEBEN for the first part in the series, Addy joins Johnnie Walker Blue Label to shine a light on some of her most recent successes and special moments, as the designer has not only been making some serious waves in the fashion world recently, but receiving high praise and some awards for her thoughtful and heritage-based designs.

Central Saint Martin’s graduate FEBEN has well and truly made a name for herself in the fashion world over the past few years. Don’t let the satin tailoring and elegant draping of the dresses in her collections confuse you, FEBEN’s work is far more than just beautiful clothing. In fact, most of her pieces are centred on the theme of displacement, and once you know more about her background, you’ll understand why.

FEBEN was born in North Korea to Ethiopian parents before moving to Sweden, where she spent most of her childhood, and then finally ending up in London, where she is currently based. So it’s safe to say her nomadic upbringing, which involved time in refugee camps, heavily influences the concept she works with — for her, it is always about remembering where you came from.

““I never forget the people that got me here, because it’s all team effort. My ideal celebration would be a bit of a banquet or whatever, definitely with Ethiopian food!””


Check out how Addy and FEBEN dive into her personal story, unearthing who inspires her and how she celebrates her industry-changing wins.

FEBEN’s work is all about putting her story and experiences on her garments, with her career mainly starting off with the customization of different textures. This craftsmanship didn’t go amiss after she secured the Future of Fashion Award from Elle Sweden earlier this year, a momentous landmark in her fashion career that led to some pretty big next steps.

““I think it was really good to get recognition from the country I grew up in””


After graduating in 2020, FEBEN was hit up by none other than Queen B herself, who commissioned her to style the costumes for the ‘Brown Skin Girl’ video, which celebrates powerful Black women — a monumental win for the young designer which we can only imagine was followed by a celebration with her friends and family.

The host of our mini-series for Johnnie Walker Blue Label is Campbell Addy, a South London native whose multidisciplinary approach to his art has earned him global credit. From exhibitions showcasing his photography, drawing, and painting to starting Nii agency and Nii Journal, a publication and casting agency that celebrates interesting faces and diversity, Addy has cemented himself as a pioneer in the scene with Forbes 30 Under 30 and British Fashion Awards under his belt — oh and not to forget, a current solo exhibition titled ‘I❤️Campbell’ on now at 180 Studios in London.

It’s important for us all to take a moment to celebrate our successes. The blended scotch whisky itself is definitely one for celebrations and special occasions, with taste and timelessness at the top of its list of features. Johnnie Walker Blue Label also appointed Dr. Emma Walker as the new Master Distiller, the first female distiller the brand has had in its 200-year history — pretty iconic and definitely worth a cheers if you ask me.

We should all remember to cherish the moments that build us up, taking time to notice the little wins along the way, surrounded by those we love. So grab a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and cheers to yourself, you deserve it.

50ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label

25ml Grapefruit Juice

12.5ml Honey Syrup

10ml Lemon Juice

One Lemon Rind

Shake all together and strain into a coupe glass.

40ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label

30ml Pink Grapefruit juice

5ml Crème De Peche

5ml Passionfruit

5ml Honey Syrup (3:1)

3 Dashes orange Blossom Water/Fresh Yuzu juice

Shake and Fine strain into a highball over ice – then top with soda water. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and mint bouquet.

So you’ve got something to celebrate? We thought so. Get your very own personalized Blue Label bottle from or find out more about Johnnie Walker Blue Label here.


Please drink responsibly.


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