It was only a matter of time before Charli D’Amelio released her own fragrance. From a mattress collaboration to a Dunkin’ Donuts partnership, the TikTok star has done everything, as far as her brand goes.

Yup. Uh-huh, I thought when D’Amelio announced her debut perfume, Born Dreamer, in June. When I was offered a bottle, I hesitated. There’s no way this is actually good, my inner cynic thought. But as the day wore on, I thought back to Ariana Grande‘s Cloud, an unexpected hit, and Fantasy by Britney Spears, an unapologetically playful scent.

“Celebrity fragrance” ≠ “bad.” Not all celebrity fragrances!

Determined to give it a chance, I accepted a sample of Born Dreamer. I will not be a fragrance snob, I told myself.

The joke is totally on me, because D’Amelio delivered. Like many great celebrity fragrances before it, Born Dreamer is a gourmand. A top note of juicy pear is balanced by a hint of jasmine, giving way to a sugary heart. A soft musk prevents the scent from reading too sweet. (There’s supposedly some cedar wood in there, too.)

Created by D’Amelio and French fragrance manufacturer Robertet, Born Dreamer is easy-to-wear yet distinctive. It’s straightforward, without being overly simple. It’s kind of like a Bath & Body Works shower gel, all grown up. Basically, it’s everything that you want out of a $48 bottle of perfume.

Before signing off, I’m going to do some requisite expectation management. If you hate gourmands, Born Dreamer is not for you. If you want something complicated and cerebral, Born Dreamer is not for you. If you recoil at the thought of wearing a celebrity fragrance, Born Dreamer is not for you.

For the rest of you open-minded fragheads: enjoy!


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