Chicken tenders, tattoos, and red roses? I promise it’s not the alias of some new-age rock band (though, it sounds kind of cool). Rather, they’re a summation of the vibes served at Highsnobiety’s celebration for its new editor-in-chief Willa Bennett.

In honor of Bennett joining the fam, Highsnob hosted a dinner party at NYC’s renowned American eatery, Fanelli’s Cafe. Crispy tenders, mozzarella sticks, and delectable French fries were abundantly spread across the restaurant’s famed picnic tablecloths. Meanwhile, bubbly champagne fizzled in flutes as familiar faces like Debby Ryan, Zoey Deutch, Chase Sui Wonders, and Wisdom Kaye toasted in celebration with the Highsnob team.

Then, after the party came the after party. In prime Highsnob fashion, guests were invited to our post-dinner shindig via flyers sent to our close friends list on Instagram.

Dubbed an “haus” party, Highsnobiety‘s bash took over two floors and a rooftop of a penthouse in the heart of Soho. Rhythmic bops bumped throughout the night. Drinks served in classic house party cups flowed while tattoo sessions by Sergio Barrale commenced simultaneously (yes, you read that right).

As the kids today say, you just had to be there. Whether you were at the party in spirit or physically, let’s all take the moment to relive the night below as we await the next Highsnob gathering. After all, this is merely the beginning of the Bennett era at Highsnobiety.

Zoey Deutch

Highsnobiety staff

Jessie Andrews and Adam Faze

Willa Bennett, Malaika Crawford, Brynn Wallner

Highsnobiety family & friends

Ian Bradley and Brynn Wallner

Ian Bradley

Debby Ryan and Joshua Dun

Chase Sui Wonders, Adam Faze, and Uly Schlesinger

Dinner guests share their wrist drip

Highsnobiety fam

More Highsnobiety faces

Ian Bradley

Highsnob squad and friends

Cheers from Highsnobiety’s friends and staff!

More Debby Ryan and Joshua Dun

Willa Bennett, Zoey Deutch, Debby Ryan

Olive Leatherwood

DJ Starchild & The New Romantic

Thom Betttridge and Willa Bennett

Wisdom Kaye

Willa Devereux, Andie Youniss, Kataki Madaan, WALI

 Malaika Crawford and Brynn Wallner

Alyssa Virgan and Lauren McCarthy

Brandon Tan

Ezra Marcus and Conor Marie Stankard

Flynn McGarry

Ella Emhoff, Willa Bennett, Isabella Lalonde, Liana Satenstein, Emma Rogue

Ella Emhoff

Kelsey Stiegman and tattoo artist Serigo Barrale 

Trisha and Serigo Barrale

Paige KV and Camerin Stoldt

Finlay Mangan and Highsnobiety staff

Dylan O’Brien and Willa Bennett

Dylan O’Brien, Tom Keelan, and Ezra Marcus

Emmanuel Olukwa & DJ Starchild & The New Romantic

 Brynn Wallner


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