There’s nothing like a near-death experience to help put your life into perspective. From chilling medical crises to freak accidents, these Redditors recount the chilling stories where they almost didn’t make it out alive.

1. Getting Lost Underwater

A friend and I were swimming, attacking a ship for a training exercise at night. We would swim from the pier pylon to a pylon underwater. We would take a breath, go under, push off, and swim to the next pylon, to the surface and then repeat. Then, disaster struck: My mask broke and I decided to swim with my eyes closed due to having contacts at the time.

I just kept swimming and felt like I missed the pylon. But when I went to slowly broach the surface, I realized something was seriously wrong. I found myself under the concrete above. I had no idea the pier was even built like that. I put my hands up and oriented myself. It looked dark in all directions but my gut told me to the right is where I’d come from.

After that, I stayed on the surface! Cheers!


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