There’s nothing like working the night shift. For some reason, when the sun goes down, all sorts of weird and scary happenings come up. From strange noises and sightings to intense and brutal encounters, these workers have seen it all. Keep reading for some chilling tales of scary experiences people who worked the night shift had that will make anyone happy to see the light of day.

1. Dodging The Dog

There is a legend in trucking of “seeing the dog”. It is like seeing a black cat or having one cross in front of you, and it is a sign of bad luck in the trucking industry. Most of the time, the saying goes, “If you see the black dog, you’re about to die. Get off the road ASAP”! I didn’t believe it—until it happened to me.

One day, I was out driving somewhere in the desert of Arizona on I-10. It was around 3 or 4 AM. I had been driving for around eight hours and had already taken my 30-minute break around four hours before. While I was driving, no one was around, and I hadn’t seen a car or truck in more than 20 miles. Then, I saw what looked like a shadow figure off in the right-hand emergency lane. I shook it off, thinking it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.

So I lit up a smoke, opened the window to let the cool air in, and sat up straight in my chair to try and focus. I kept thinking to myself, “Only two or three more hours and I’m done for the day and can get some sleep”. About five to ten minutes later, I saw the same figure shaped like a wolf with an arched-up back. It was all black without any eyes, teeth, or anything.

I turned on my bright lights—which was like lighting up a football field—and the figure was gone. I sat there thinking, “What on earth”? I shook my head and pat myself on the cheeks to wake myself up. I kept on driving—but my nightmare wasn’t over yet.

About 30 minutes later, the same thing happened, except the figure was lurching towards the middle of the lane. I was the only one on the road. No one was behind me or in front, and no one had passed me from the other side in about 15 minutes. As the figure lurched towards the middle, I saw what looked like yellow eyes looking straight at me.

I hit the brakes hard without locking them up and swerved a little. I was sitting there screaming and cursing. I almost went off the side of the road and put that 78,000-pound truck and trailer in the ditch.

I pulled over on the side of the highway. I popped my brakes, stood up inside the truck, and took a few deep breaths, trying to rationalize what I just saw. Then I remembered the folklore about “seeing the dog”. I said, “I’m going to bed at the next rest stop”. I rolled up to the next rest area about 25 miles down the road and called it quits for the night. To say it scared me is an understatement. I never saw that figure again.


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