Smart Visual Ear Cleaner on a table.

TL;DR: As of Nov. 2, you can get the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner for just $29.95 instead of $34.99 — that’s a 14% discount.

You may not have forgotten to clean behind your ears, but what about inside? Skip the blind investigation using a cotton swab and make your ear cleaning a bit more advanced. This Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is like an endoscope camera for your ear, but it also comes with special tools to help you clean too, and you can get it for 14% off at just $29.95. 

No more blind ear cleanings 

If you’ve noticed your hearing quality is inconsistent or have found frequent debris on your earbuds, you may have an earwax problem. Normally, that might be a call for the ol’ cotton swab, but it might not be the safest and most effective option. 

Instead, you may want to try tools that are designed to help you keep your ears clean and healthy. The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is both a cleaning tool and a way to see what’s going on in there. Instead of going in blind, get a 360-degree wide-angle 1080p image of your ear canal. That way, you can see what you’re doing while you use the silicone earbud spoons to scoop out any wax or obstructions. 

The video feed works by sending a live view of your ear canal to the Yiduo Visual app that’s available for iOS and Android devices. It’s a completely free app that allows you to get a real-time look at what your camera is seeing. 

If your favorite treatment for your earwax problem is to use a liquid solution to help flush out your wax, you don’t have to stop. The smart ear cleaner is IP7-waterproof, and if the lens gets wet or dirty, just clean it with water or wipe it with alcohol.

Enjoy clean ears and (maybe) more clear hearing 

If you have an earwax problem, the solution doesn’t have to be blindly investigating with a cotton swab. Instead, get the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner so you can see what you’re doing and use soft, specially designed tools to clean yourself out. For a limited time, this ear cleaner is on sale for just $29.95 (reg. $34). 

Prices subject to change.