X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster on a colorful background.

TL;DR: As of July 16, you can get an X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster for just $119.99 instead of $159.95 — that’s a 24% discount.

Your keyboard might be dirty and your desk might benefit from a tiny leaf blower, but canned air probably isn’t the way you want to go. Beyond being awful for the environment, canned air may not last that long. Instead, go for the environmentally-friendly cleaning option that’ll last through plenty of keyboard crumbs. The X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster blasts air with the force of a hurricane, and for a limited time, it’s on sale for $119.99 (Reg. $159). 

The X3 is a simple way of improving canned air in virtually every way. Instead of using compressed gas to propel air, the X3 uses a variable-speed motor that can shoot air at up to 260+ MPH. Pulling air directly from the space around it, the X3 is only limited by its battery life. The manufacturer equates it to “over 5,000 cans of traditional air duster[s].” 

This canless air duster comes with a variety of cleaning heads to control where your air power goes. You get two regular straw attachments, a flexible straw attachment, a brush, and a 45-degree tapered nozzle. Just with these attachments, you could clean your keyboard, dust off a circuit board, or just keep your desk tidy, all while keeping relatively quiet. You probably don’t want to clean your whole floor with it, but this compact canless air duster could be a convenient tool for desk-top messes.

An X3 is compact. At only eight inches tall, you should be able to keep it in a desk or drawer until you need it. The battery is rated for 110-240v outlets and should recharge quickly. When it’s time to clean, just pull the trigger and control the speed with the same trigger. 

Keep the power of a hurricane in your desk. Normally, the X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster would cost $159, but for a limited time you can get it for only $119.99. 

Prices subject to change.


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