CNBC segment

Working from home is great for so many reasons: no commuting, saving money by making your own lunch, a better work-life balance.

And, of course, the spontaneities of life occurring all around you while you do a TV spot from your home office. However, that bonus might be more for us, the viewers, than the individuals themselves.

Everyone knows about the now infamous “BBC Dad,” Professor Robert Kelley, whose TV appearance went viral after his two kids (and their nanny) made guest appearances throughout his interview on the network.

The latest moment comes from CNBC’s Squawk Box, featuring guest Karen Firestone of Aureus Asset Management. During the segment, host Aaron Ross Sorkin is just trying to talk about the stock market when he’s interrupted by a couple of barking dogs who won’t stop yapping. Firestone motions off the screen, ostensibly for whomever is in the house to go take care of the loud canines. 

Cue a man in nothing but his underwear walking by in the background.

Honestly, for the purpose of good quality television production, it was probably best for the guy to go where he needed to so he could quiet the dogs.

Could he have quickly thrown on a shirt and maybe some shorts, too? I don’t know; it’s not his TV spot. Why should he have to ruin his perfectly fine summer day?


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