Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware next to a laptop.

TL;DR: As of July 27, you can get the Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware for just $339 with code CONNECT10.

Isn’t it odd when an ad on your browser sidebar seems like it knows more about you than it should? Targeted advertising isn’t new, but just because you browse on the internet doesn’t have to mean companies can take your information and try to sell it back to you. With a VPN, you can start to obscure your browsing and your digital footprint, and the Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware can do that for life. On sale for $339 when you use code CONNECT10 at checkout, this hardware DPN is a simple way to help keep what you do on the internet between you and nobody else.

The Deeper Connect Mini is a no-log DPN, meaning it doesn’t keep tabs on what you’re doing online. Everything you do is stored on your devices rather than centralized VPN servers that could be vulnerable. It performs the same privacy services as a VPN with less risk to your data. Like with a VPN, you can browse unrestricted by throttled bandwidth and obscure or change where your computer seems to be browsing from. See what’s streaming on Australian Netflix or if there’s anything different about Canadian Hulu. 

Along with the browsing protection, the Mini also has a seven-layer enterprise-grade firewall. Though most computers already have a built-in firewall, if you’re experiencing a dedicated cybersecurity attack, an extra layer of defense can be integral to keeping your network secure. It can also be useful for parents as the firewall lets you access one-click parental controls that filter disturbing or adult content automatically. If you’re working from home or have many devices connected, that extra security might be useful insurance, especially considering the price is wrapped up into the lifetime DPN service. 

Pay once for a lifetime of more secure browsing. For a limited time, get the Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware on sale for $339 with coupon code CONNECT10 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.


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