Maybe they just watch a little too many courtroom dramas on their spare time, maybe they’re just plain idiots, or maybe another legal plot twist came and smacked them in the face. But either way, these clients and lawyers just couldn’t catch a break and found themselves right in the middle of some legal jaw-droppers.

1. The Hand That Guided Her

A lawyer friend of mine was defending a guy in court. The main witness for the prosecution was on the stand and was asked if she could identify the defendant. The witness was scanning the courtroom and seemed confused. My friend was already silently celebrating because if she couldn’t identify her client, he would probably get all the charges dropped.

As he was mentally adding this case to the “win” file, he happened to glance over at his client. What he saw made him facepalm immediately. The guy had just helpfully raised his hand to make it easier for her to identify him. Even the judge laughed at that one.


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