Craving more GALLERY DEPT.? Over them? Regardless, the brand has some serious ASICS clothes making their rounds online.

Days after the release of its ASICS GT-2160 sneakers, GALLERY DEPT.’s ASICS collaboration has re-entered the scene, presenting outerwear pieces and tees.

First up, we have a patchwork zip-up jacket finished with several ASICS logos, speaking to the brand’s repurposing and artsy edge ethos. The piece is naturally finished with a “Art on Display” tag bearing GALLERY DEPT. founder Josue Thomas’ name.

Also previewed was a yellow GALLERY DEPT. graphic t-shirt. While ASICS’ Tiger Stripes graces the front, glittery GALLERY DEPT. branding gets printed over “sound mind, sound body” on the back.

GALLERY DEPT. heads may be wondering (or already know) how to cop these pieces. Well, it turns out that your favorite brand’s ASICS clothes dropped exclusively at Complex Con and Art Basel Miami already.

But don’t fret. Some remnants linger on post-retail sites like Grailed and eBay. Indeed, GALLERY DEPT.’s ASICS tee is going for around $500 while the jackets are asking for $3,000-plus. Spare $3K for your fave’s drip?

Though these are resale prices, it’s not all that surprising to see GALLERY DEPT.’s clothes going for hundred and thousands even — it’s insanely popular (high demand drives resale prices up, up, up). Not to mention, GALLERY DEPT.’s general retail offerings are often super pricey (regular tees go for $250 nowadays).

In case you’re wondering, Gallery Dept.’s pricing is a partly a result of each piece’s special make and the brand’s overall artistic approach to design. Then, throw in a big name collaborator like, say, Lanvin, and the price goes up some more.

Speaking of GALLERY DEPT.’s design, the label’s ASICS t-shirts are said to have received “special washes” to make them each unique, while the jacket listings are labeled as “one-of-ones,” each boasting varying details.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen a clothing piece baring the brand’s signature paint-splattering, as seen on GALLERY DEPT.’s other popular tees and ASICS sneakers — that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. Perhaps it just hasn’t made a public appearance…yet.

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