Modern-day swindlers possess an arsenal of tactics—social media, pop psychology, and high tech—that plant them directly into their victims’ lives. And, they have the advantage that con artists have always had: They feel no guilt for ruining other people’s lives. That is a dangerous combo. Let’s take a look at these modern scammers who put their time, hard work, and ingenuity all into the pursuit of the same thing: easy money.

1. They Swiped Right

Not a lot of thought usually goes into whether you swipe right or left on your Tinder app—but what if the wrong swipe could cost you thousands of dollars? That’s exactly what happened to women who pursued dates with a man who called himself Simon Leviev. While a lot of dates you arrange through an app turn out to be duds, Leviev would turn up as that mythological creature: the perfect man.

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